Do you eat/swallow your own cum? [Guys]

I have snowballed, drunk it from a cup and also cum direct into my mouth. It didn't taste much of anything, but I'm a vegetarian which is supposed to make it taste better.

I have tried it in the past and it didn't really do anything for me. Recently though I've been thinking about trying it out again with my partner.

Yes I do

my partner is bi he licks his pre cum of his fingers and has drank his own cum out of a glass

Cum in her mouth without her swallowing it, lay on your back then get her to kiss you so it runs from her mouth to yours, very errotic and a massive turn on, highly recommended.


I do it regularly. Love the taste of myself.

Yes . 3 times last night with my oh . It seems to make me want more and more . Reading other posts it seems to be each to their own ..

Having some solo fun now and this post is tiring me on so think I'll give it another go. Whenever I have done in the past I've wondered why the hell I wanted to.

I'll try again with a new open mind, wish me luck! :)

Yes I do and love it! I have been eating and swallowing for 8 years regularly.
It is a major turn on,I didn’t like it t first but the taste grew on me and now I
love it.I will eat my own sperm for as long as I can shoot sperm!


I’m quite a regular consumer of that sexy nectar if i can beat the wife to it :smile:

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Yes, I’ve tried it. That’s the main reason I will not make my wife do it…!

I may try again at some point, as I’ve heard that diet changes the taste, but it’d have to be as a ruined orgasm so I’d still be toey enough to push past the previous tasting experience. :wink:


Do it all the time, love cleaning up my load from my wife pussy ass or boobs. I also often shoot my own load directly in to my own mouth, either during masturbation or when my wife is dominating me and she order me to do it, while she is working my ass and stimulating my prostate.


In that situation, if certainly do it. But she has never demanded it of me, soooooo… :slight_smile: