Do you flirt for fun or want more !

For the past few months a new lady has started to deliver parcels to my home. Initially I did not really notice but when she comes to my door she always looks from side to side to see who is arround and begins to flirt with me

At first I thought it was me thinking she was flirting but she has become more daring. She certainly does not dress to deliver parcels she looks like she is going out for a night on the town. Now she always has full makeup on, wears black tights and a short skirt and always has her blouse undone showing most of her boobs

She always asks how I am and am I doing anything today. She looks at me as if to say can we get naked now. Is this normal flirting or does she really like me ?

Hi well that's very strange mebe she just likes you but then again its hard to tell. Me be has fallen in love at first sight with you? I think you should just ask or ask out for drink some time and then ask here then if you don't have girl or married. If she is making the effort of putting on make up and looking good then she must like you then again its hard to say. it could she just want to just have sex with you? So many question lol. I think you should just ask here. Are the parcel for you or someone else? I hope this help you?

She might be making the effort for herself and simply dress/look like that all the time. It may be what she feels comfortable in. It doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I wouldn't really class those conversations as flirting either, she could just be being friendly. Some people have naturally flirty personalities too, so she may be one of those people and not even notice that it's being seen as something other than friendliness.

As for the looking side to side are you sure she's not just checking to see whether there are neighbors around should you not be in to answer the door? My postie does that and he's definitely not flirting!

If you like her, tell her how lovely she looks, deal breaker is pay her a compliment, they like to be noticed you know 

Asking how you are and what you're doing is not flirting... in my opinion it's just small talk, it's part of customer service, and I think it's kind of nice, instead of having a delivery person barely looking at you and just obviously wishing you would hurry up signing for the parcel so they can run away as fast as they can to carry on with their day (experience talking here :D )

I would understand if you are married or in a relationship, it could make you feel uncomfortable... otherwise I can't see a problem here.

You never know she may just turn up next time wearing a Miss Santa outfit delivering plenty of Lovehoney goodies .

Tony you're back! And still finding yourself in these similar situations I see.

Personally, I wouldn't read much in to it, she's probably just being friendly, as other people have said it might just be part of her customer service training to give friendly greeting such as asking how someone is. Also remember if you think she's dressed up nice you won't be the only person she's delivering parcel to! She could fancy a different person on her route or she could just enjoy dressing like that.

Tony, sorry I dont know your situation, single, engaged, married, divorce etc. But I agree with the others in that she is being friendly. Of course the next time you are expecting/receiving a parcel you could reverse the situation, speak to her, ask her questions, how is your day? what have you been up? you're looking nice, are you meeting someone after you finish work?

I say have fun.

You ask the question "Do you flirt"?

As a youngster I was terribly shy, but when I started work I used to work with a girl who I got on like a house on fire, and we used to flirt with each other all the time. Both of us had girl/boy friends, and everyone in the office thought we might become an item, not that that was ever the case. And at this time of year with the xmas office party we used to play it up even more. Dancing close and then closer again, sitting on each other laps, and the occasional peck on the cheek.

Now well over 40 years later we are still in touch we each other, although we haven't seen each other for over 20 of those years. So to answer your question, yes I am a flirt!

It sounds to me like she is just friendly and likes to dress nicely. I think you're reading way too much into this. 

If she is a delivery driver I would bet you are not her only customer on her route therefore it's not only you she is wearing the clothes for it is most likely her. I would be careful turning this into a situation when you know nothing about her, ask questions and be friendly see what happens

Personally I'd be tempted to ask her how life is treating her and try to find out a bit more about her, albeit very gently.

There's a danger that if you ask her for a drink or whatever and she says no, every future delivery will be awkward and non-flirty.

I regularly catch my OH flirting with others, which always amuses me.

At the end of the day I think it's just human nature. Although I must admit it seems odd to get so dressed up to go out delivering things. Mind you, the delivery people round here are usually big sweaty blokes

Welcome back Tony! 😊

She probably gets a boost to her ego in looking good as do a lot of women, for their own benefit.
Believe it or not, women dress for other women and not for men. 😊

This made me lol... Can you describe the look she gives you, and how you interprate it as "lets get naked"? Something tells me you are reading waaaaayyyyy into this! If i'm wrong, there's only one way to find out... Call her bluff and ask her out... i dare you! Good luck

To make certain for possibilities in the future ,I would learn the art of body language and how to read it. I am brushing up on this subject as well and there are plenty of vidios on the web from experts.

Once learned ,I think it will give you that edge and confidence to read things and perhaps take situations with the post person that much further.

Women tend to be far superior in the use of body language than us guys so perhaps we have some catching up to do.