Do you know how much each other masturbates?

I was talking with my best female friend who's husband is away for months at a time. For some reason she was embarassed that she didnt really masturbate since she got married but with her husband away hand started to do it and was considering buying her first vibrator. She was worried about discussing this with her husband as they didnt really talk about this.

I thought this was a bit strange as me and hubby are very open about this sort of stuff and we both know each other masturbates quite a lot on our own and that I do it more than him. I'll even tell him if i've done it earlier that day if we are getting down to some business.

Is everyone else open with their partner about what they do and how often they do things? I think I need to sort my friend out and tell her that there is nothing to hide.

I dont tend to be that open about it to be honest, she doesnt like the idea of me doing it without her so I try not to as best i can. Ill admit there are times when I cant help it though

the mrs n i are pretty open to it. she prefers not to and just do stuff as a couple. me on the other hand (lol) am always at it n she knows that i do n watch porn etc. she doesnt mind me doing it in bed either if she doesnt want to do anything. as long as i dont make a mess in bed.

I have loads of vibrators, lol and use them or my fingers when my BF is away and he loves me telling him all about it and taking pics and sending them to him. If he gets a chance we also have phone or cyber sex

We also masturbate together when hes home or he just watches me then punishes me for being such a naughty girl

Some people just dont feel the need to discuss it. My OH also works away 3-4months at a time and he knows i masterbate and I know he does however we dont tell each other everytime we do infact the only time we both know we've masterbated is when we've done it together while online!

We r a very open couple we just dont feel the need to discuss it. We have a happy heathly relationship and its not a problem or issue for us.

I would just approach your friend and let her know that she is under no obligation to disclose all details of her own play time but that it might turn him on if he knows she masterbates and has even bought a toy. Most men are open to the whole vibrator thing infact my OH bought my first one


my partner does it all the time, he doesnt say when but he has a massive porn collection. we dont go out of our way to tell each other but we dont hide it either x

Me and the OH are very open about it all, I do a lot but they never do, we both work shifts so sometimes we don't see each other that much so I like to send the odd text about what I'm doing just so they know what they are missing lol, also there is a big age gap between us and my OH is going through the menopause at the mo so sometimes have to just please my self when she not up to it which thankfully is not that often!

I have no issues masterbating and lettign my OH know I do...quiet often will do it while he is there I love him watching me and solves the problem he is not in the mood.

I sometimes ask my husband if he has relieved himself and always he tells me. I dont ask him how or where. I dont recall him ever asking me as i tend to tell him if i have been watching porn and then go into a little detail about what i watched. I dont think he knows i masturbate in bed more often that watching porn but he if asked i would tell him!

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Well its was hard to hide it from her when we first got together as our bedroom bin was be empty most of the time accept for the tissues that would appear in it dead give away that,So she would say have you had the erge.

She knows that i masturbate but she doesn't really ask to much detail,She knows i get horny alot and masturbate.

I know she does masturbate but how much i dont know as i see to many signs of it,Unless she tells me guess what ive been doing or something like that.

We both masturbate, usually alone but sometimes together. We both find it a big turn on to masturbate in front of each other.

I'm not sure how much she masturbates and to be honest It doesn't bother me (it is nice when she sends me a pic when she's doing it though!).

Every now and again when we're "playing" she will ask me the last time I did it just out of curiosity but its not a big deal.

My wife says she rarely does it, it makes her feel more lonely, as others have said it isnt something we discuss regularly, she knows I do it frequently when away but hardly ever at home. As a colleague once said "that stuff is for women I dont waste it".