Do you remember your first toy?

First sex toy is Desire remote controlled love egg and Tenga eggs masturbators for hubby

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My first sextoy I purchased for my was medium sized buttplug. We bought it with the intension to only use it on my wife(back then Girlfriend) to practice for anal. But eventually we used it more often on me then on her, because I got curious on how it felt. Now I have quite a collection of buttplugs and dildo from quite small one to really big ones.

The first sextoy I got as a present was a cockring but that wasn’t really my thing back then.


Mine was one of those old style bullets with a cord that led to a little remote with a roller wheel to control the vibrations. Got to say that even with my extensive collection i loved it. When it have up the ghost i bought a similar one from LH. I dont use it much with everything else i have but when i do its a little rocket!!


My first ever toy was a 7” dildo I think or might have been a started kit with multiple toys


I wanted one before and we talked about it but my boyfriend got me a rabbit for my 18th birthday. It got a lot of use before it broke and I needed to try other toys.

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My older sister bought me a male blow-up doll for my 18th. Let’s just say that didn’t get any use…

The first toy I bought for myself wasn’t until I was 19 (which was only 4 years ago, which is wild), and that was a basic bullet vibe that looked like a lipstick. It ran on batteries and the button on it malfunctioned maybe less than a year later?

Fast forward to now and the toybox has definitely expanded a lot more than I thought it would, with toys that are far more exciting! :smiling_imp:


My first toy was a small butt plug. I gradually started increasing the size and bought a vibrating inflatable anal toy which had small ball shaped nodules.

A small black wand vibrator. It blew my partners mind at the time. A great purchase that led on to many more.

My first one, over 20 years ago now in my teens, was a rabbit but with a big remote battery pack and it came from a well known high street store. It was at the time that vibrators seemed to be becoming more mainstream and talked about (and the Sex In The City episode).

A number of friends had mentioned vibrators and even my mum too, so it wasn’t too taboo. I had been masturbating for a few years already so I decided I just wanted to try one but didn’t think it would be something I would really much. How wrong I was and I quickly became very enthusiastic about using my vibrator and plenty more since.

My first toy was a plastic vibrator think it was about 8" long
But it did the job :sweat_drops:

Someone brought me a blue vibrator for my 18th birthday :joy::joy:
First time I’d ever seen one in person, it wasnt the best, but it did get me interested in purchasing a better one, that’s when I got my first bullet lol

First for me was one from a vending machine in a club :see_no_evil: when I was about 18 me and my friends got one as a laugh safe to say my collection is much much bigger now :face_with_hand_over_mouth: especially more recently in past year me and the husband are having more fun since we both lost a lot of weight and can move around better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I had a cock ring when I was 18. Couldn’t get many toys while still living at home