Do your friends now about your secret life?

Just expanding on a similar thread, was wondering how many of you out there have confinded in your friends as to what you get up to in your secret lives, what sexual practices and toys you have tried and what you like sexually.
I personally have told one friend about how kinky our sex life is, it came up when they had finished a relationship which had a really poor sex life and they thought they would never have a good sex life, which they have now found!
From my OH's point of view, she is known as being very prim proper good girl, an alta ego she loves, she would be mortified if anyone found out what a kinky sexual try literally anything addict she is.
How about the rest of you kinky lot?

Some people I'm incredibly open with. Others not. It's a matter of the trust I have with some people.

Wouldn't say it's a secret life because I'm sure all our friends know we sex. But just like going to the doctors, not something I tell everyone. Just like my financial status etc etc

Pretty much everyone I know knows which I don't mind In the slightest except for those who know because some of my male friends think it's okay to brag to their mates that they know a lass who's into sex toys 😒
I mean at my last job where I was in an assistant management position a lad worked there that I knew outside of work and he told everyone in the office what I do in my spare time a week before I started there.

Apart from those who tell others about what I do, I don't mind people knowing but it's for me to choose who's allowed to know. My new boyfriend who I met through a few of my friends knew about what I'm into which made it easier to get past the whole conversation lol 😋

I don't like to talk about my sex life in detail, it's something I like to keep as a secret with the OH :)

I have only confided to a couple we are friends with to try and help with their non existent sex life. It was when we had had a few drinks together though or I would be too shy to say anything. I don't think anyone that knows us would suspect that we are kinksters at all and would be shocked.

I've told people about a few things, and most of my friends know that I have a fairly active and experimental sex life, but I don't go into detail about everything. People think I'm a very quiet and shy person in real life, and are usually shocked when they hear certain things about my sex life lol.

No not friends, but we have a lot of naughty acquaintances? ?

I would share what was appropriate to a conversation, but not just come out with anything for the sake of it. Shared something with a colleague once during a rather blunt conversation and he seemed quite shocked by what I got up to. Since then I haven't felt the need to let anyone else know, so to answer your question, only he has some idea that I am into kink, but if apropriate I would have no problem discussing it with anyone.

angel m wrote:

No not friends, but we have a lot of naughty acquaintances? ?

Yup, this. A few select people whom would understand and appreciate what we get up to and what we get up to it with. (Think that makes sense)

MK7 wrote:

Some people I'm incredibly open with. Others not. It's a matter of the trust I have with some people.

This. Exactly this.

I'm really open but a lot of people aren't ready to handle what I get up to 😂 Again, the two friends I have that know I'm on here, I talk about all aspects of my sex life with them, as they have similar interests and aren't afraid to be open themselves.

Only me an my partner. My closest friends do know I own a couple of toys but that's the extent of it. I'm not sure most people are ready to know about my sexual practises 😂

No-one at all. I'm a very introverted and closely-guarded person, always have been (was bullied quite a bit at school and I think that's where it originates). So I don't tend to share much of anything at all with people unless I'm absolutely, 100% totally certain that I'm happy to...

Part of the problem is that I'm always over-thinking things and whether or not I should share something in a conversation or keep quiet... but by the time I've worked that out the conversation's normally moved on so I just stay quiet anyway.

What I actually do is not open for discussion but my close friends are aware of how sexual iam and have been around sexual partners. I love helping and advising others as I feel sex is a massive massive part of who we are as individuals.

Its my personal believe if your having good regular sex then we are much happier healthier, mentally and physically. So helping people get it, by overcoming shyness or confidence is a wonderful thing to do.

So ido get approached asked a far bit by friends and family even the odd acquaintance's.

I find discussing sex and helping others enjoy it very fulfilling

A few of my closest friends know about the 'box under the bed' and my extensive range of pvc and lingerie. Most dont know a thing.....and thats how its going to stay ;) lol x

My best friend knows about my collection of toys , outfits and about a few of my fantasies too but I don't go into intimate details.

Nope. However one of my best male friends saw a photo of me naked, blindfolded and gagged on my bed when my OH took the photo... it was all a complete accident as my OH had not put the photo in his "private" folder. He was absolutley amazed.. and didn't have a clue.

None of my other friends know. Or will know. Ever. Haha

Definitely not! Only slight bits of information are given but I'm known as the "good vanilla" type of girl.

Some people know more than others but most close friends know that I'm a toy tester and muchos into BDSM. I'm a very open person though and there's nothing I have to be ashamed about so why not tell people if it comes up. Most of my friends are just as open as me though to the extent where I was bought a LH voucher for my bday and ask them if they want any of my mystery summer bundle extras :P