Doc Johnson rear entry desensitising lube and condoms help!

So I bought some rear entry desensitising anal lube but noticed its not suitable for use with condoms, I never used condoms for anal sex before but my new partner is insisting we should, will we be OK using Normal Durex condoms and this lube or should I buy a different brand of condoms? Sorry but I don't know much about condoms as I don't like them or use them. Tia. XXX

It says that it's not suitable for use with condoms - so I wouldn't recommend using any brand of condom with this lube. You'd have to try another lube I think. Maximus or this one are good lubes that are condom safe. Unless your partner changes their mind about the condom idea I think it's best to change lube x

You'd be better swapping your lube if your partner insists on using a condom. If you want a relaxing lube that is condom safe this one is great: