Does anyone else like their woman dressing up as a school girl

I dont know why but my g/f excites me loads when she surprizes me by dressing up as a school girl,its the pig tails that get me going

We have so much fun pretending we are both at school

Yes. Drives me wild!

I dunno. My school was a hole, and had no uniform. The school girl thing would just make me feel like a paedo.

The first love of my life, Anne of the right thigh, l will always remember in her school uniform, outside of right thigs disappearing under purple school skirt fnarr fnarr. Haven't really given it much thought since then though !!

I can see whay people might see it as a bit of a paedo thing,but its only to do with your partner who would be roughly the same age as yourself

It's possibly since I'm not that far out of school. Only midway through uni. And aren't school uniforms that people dress up in in the style of a public school? We didn't have any where I lived. And you were bullied if you went to a boarding place.

I love the whole school girl thing! My ex used to really love it.

I always think more britney spears than public school. Blazers dont look sexy on anyone.

It's just suspenders for me. Maybe a corset.

That's the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

Well now l very much like Mrs T wearing her strap on and heading in my direction- ok not school uni l know- but should be !!!

Can't beat a man in a proper suit as far as I'm concerned. Sexiest thing on earth.

I love wearing my suit. It's pinstripe, and occasionally I'll put it on, grab the trilby, and just pretend I'm a pimp. Who doesn't have any hoes.

*insert hose innuendo*

I've told you before- stop being my ideal man! lol

Tuxedo, white shirt and spangle seamed strides, optional patent leather shoes?..... haven't got a coathanger so couldn't be a pimp!!!!

I'm in a similar situation as GrayMatter, Uni time, fresh outta school :) Would make me feel a bit pervy...

Gotta love Nurses though!

(argh! Agent Cooper- you hate nintendo?! tsk)

The whole emergency serivces are ruined for me dress up wise. My dads a fireman and my mum (although not a nurse) works at the hospital. Sux...

The nurse thing doesn't do much for me. Spent too long in hospitals with people. In fact I'd probably get weirded out.

Hmmm. I reckon a sexy costume would be a woman in a power suit type thing. So a suit jacket thing, white shirt unbuttoned to show off ample cleavage, skirt, suspenders, and a pair of high heels. And then be her bit of rough.

I love power dressed women, even the tacky image of the secretary with boring glasses who whips them off then shakes down her long brunette hair & suddenly looks stunning.

The proper femme fatale look. I'v loooove to be able to do that, but alas, I'm way too short and skinny to look anything but preposterous lol.

Sounds old but I think the sexiest thing for a woman to dress up is a nice corset. basque and suspenders. Gorgeous, and makes me feel dirty lol.

If you're short and skinny you could be Kylie Minogue, or slap on a pair of skinnys and be a rock chick.

I don't think there's a woman alive that can't pull off skinny jeans.

Scoolgirl look is great for me. As an older member, it is probably a generation thing. My wife has a short pleat skirt which she wears with stockings and high heels. She puts on a white shirt with an old school tie, puts her hair in bunches and wears an old straw boater hat. Panties is optional, but I am not really into the old directoire knickers. I prefer skimpy silk ones or thongs.

Other dressing up items include the old fav...corset, basque..she also wears a maid outfit and has a cute red satin number for valentines day. I personnally get the biggest kick from her long skirt and boots with stockings underneath and no panties. She makes a big point of showing me when we go out and I like a nice feel when we are in the dark or in a quite place such as the cinema or in a park.

As for me..she likes me in a white shirt, jeans, she also buys me undies from the internet, PVC, leather, silk, thongs or full.