Does Ball Size Matter?

I believe the similar thread is around 10 years old, so rather than revive an old topic, I’ll try for a new one.

LoveHoney forum members do you have a preference when it comes to the size of your partner’s testicles/balls?

Appreciate this would be for the psychological aspect rather than the physical aspect.

Or might even be an instinctual preference as testicle size is linked to fertility, so do you prefer a partner to have average or big balls over small ones?

After a recent check-up, mine were found to be 12ml, which puts them in the micro orchid (micro balls) category, which is less than or equal to 15ml.

NB: I’m above micro (although still below average) in the related department though!

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I’m not bothered by size as such, but I do like balls with a nice swing to them. I love to feel them hitting me with each stroke.


Occassionally size does matter… I spent quite a bit on the Lovense Diamo for my OH. His balls are too big for it and he doesn’t fit… that was disappointing! :joy:

Otherwise, nope, ball size doesn’t matter to me.


I like average size without excess skin and not too big so that I’m able to fit them in my mouth.


Does breast size, lip size, clit size matter?

We’re all different, it’s fine.
What makes the difference is you, not your ball size.


Nope balls are balls, as long as he hit the high note when I squeezed them I was happy :rofl:


Agreed , like penis size , vagina , breasts etc it doesn’t matter and we are all shapes and sizes.

It’s definitely about being comfortable with what you have and the pleasure you get from different parts , as equally some people get great pleasure from balls, where some people don’t find them as sensitive or as sexually attractive then the penis or body. There will always be some desires and preferences of some who like bigger, smaller, tighter , hanging down etc etc but don’t think it truly matters like size , it comes down to overall person.

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Thanks just not great now knowing that not only I fall under the “micro” category but but by quite some margin, meaning that I’m in the smallest 0.1% of men and likely has a significant impact on my fertility.

Sorry if too much detail but do you have large amounts of veins inside the testicle sack ? If so that can impact on fertility as the warmth / heat increases temperature and can reduce the production of sperm.

Doctors would help though and be supportive if you did or had concerns and small procedure - varicocele which removes some of the veins.

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Mine are small in comparison to everyone else’s I’ve seen. I call them my little peanuts, or cashews! I’m not too fussed though to be honest, I’ve never been self conscious about them, in fact, I find them quite charming.
I do however wish they would ‘swing’ a bit more as there’s something that feels a bit more masculine about it (rightly or wrongly) and something for my wife to grab onto. But that’s just my preference.
I’ve used ball stretchers in recent months and I do believe that’s helped to create the effect that they drop more.


No not a large amount of veins, but the low volume alone indicates potential fertility problems.

12ml or less (me) has I believe around 80% chance of having Non‐obstructive azoospermia, and volumes 15ml or less I believe have 85% chance of having

Given the low volume, NHS will consider fertility testing for me.

Does also cause me to have very low testosterone (though NHS doesn’t want to treat me for that).

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Just wait until you get in your 40’s and above, you’ll be tripping over them then!

I wish!


In the hands of the beholder I say!
For me I’m not that bothered but I do kinda like bigger balls and have them saggy.


I definitely have larger than average, wife loves it from behind and they swing and hit her clit repeatedly!! Problem is accidentally catching them between my thighs, that can hurt lol



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Yes a few of my former partners said they preferred bigger balls that hang for that reason (their clit, not their partner getting hurt!)


My wife always says i have big balls and sack. She loves the feeling of them hitting her during piv especially when im wearing a cock and ball ring.


To me they don’t. I love hubby’s, there not too small or too big. There the perfect size to fit both of them in my mouth at the same time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. I also love to feel them hitting me during PIV.


What do you like about them hitting you during PiV?

Unfortunately having micro balls (micro orchids), I can’t provide the same feeling that bigger balls hitting a partner during PiV.

I’m yet to find a partner who prefers micro balls but perhaps one day! I can certainly understand the preference for bigger balls, I wish mine were bigger!