Does chocolate have this effect on you too?

I find that a few minutes after eating chocolate I get a sudden sneeze attack and become very sniffly and was curious if this happens to anybody else.

No, but I do feel the need to eat more... And more... And more!! :D

Sounds like an allergy to whatever's in the chocolate? Is it the same brand?

Nah, chocolate in general. The reaction only lasts about 5 or 10 minutes and I started noticing it in recent years, it didn't used to have that effect on me.

Caffeine, theobromine and all of that do lots of different things, worth looking up to see if any sound like they're applicable.

Theobromine relaxes smooth muscle and helps with things like asthma. I don't have asthma, but my airways constrict when I'm around different things like perfume, smoke or paint. When that's triggered, I'm especially sensitive to everything so even the small amount in chocolate helps. At least enough to let me get coffee. %-)

There could be something akin to that going on for you.

I feel very sorry for you if you are allergic to chocolate

no but it does hurt my teeth :(

Nope. If I eat a small piece of strong dark chocolate I feel really sensual :)

If I have milk chocolate I just want more and more until the whole lot has gone and I feel sick! x