Does family matter?

Hellooo ^_^

I was away visiting my best friend over the weekend as we haven't seen each other in 6 weeks, as some of you lovely people on here know my best friend & I have been sleeping with each other for over a year now, and we are committed to each other just not with the 'relationship' label.

So, whilst I was away my friend took me to his house before heading out & I met his mum again and this time I also met his dad, we all got on, had a laugh, got to know each other. I wasn't planning on going back as I was staying in a hotel but my friends brother/sister-in-law were visiting so he suggested I meet them, I've never met them before, and his other brother turned up, who I have met before. I was asked to stay for dinner so I was sat round a table chatting, laughing, getting to know everyone.

BUT my question is, does it mean anything that my friend had me to stay for dinner and meet his family? He knew they were coming over but never suggested I went back to my hotel or didn't come back with him, his family know that we are more than friends but have never mentioned it and from the way we interact it's obvious that there is something there. I'm just wondering whether meeting the family is an important thing? Would he introduce just anyone to his whole family and have me interact with them freely? Or am I overthinking things/wishing for something more? I could really use some advice ^_^ x

I think meeting family is lovely and shows commitment! Don't over think it, just go with it and enjoy. Sounds like you had a lovely time x

I think meeting the family is huge. I think more so for men? There is meeting the family when passing by, and there is meeting the family for dinner! He must think very much of you xx

Thanks guys ^_^ I had a great weekend sugarboobies, I always over think things but we agreed no label until after uni as that comes first ^_^ After dinner we went upstairs and lay next to each other for a few hours before I left, sad to back home but he'll be back down in 3 weeks, I don't have a family & he knew I would feel odd as I've never had a family dinner, it was nice having his mum coming up to me all the time and hugging me, I had a heart-to-heart with her afterwards so she knows I think the world of him, I got a little emotional when she said to treat their home as my own and encouraged me to help myself in the kitchen as silly as it sounds x

Alicia4Ever wrote:

Sounds very possitive to me, I'm pleased for you. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, for a woman to say go make yourself at home in my kitchen, is very possitive.

Thanks ^_^ I met her once before, she took me out for coffee just the two of us but it felt much more relaxed this time round, I kept saying thank you & she said that i'm a lovely young woman with goals just that i should eat more haha ^_^

I'd say it's very important to him. Hope this cone out right but it sounds like he wanted to "show you off" for want of a better phase.

Years ago my parents celebrated their 25 wedding anniversary. Big party etc all friends family around but my girlfriend (now wife) was on holiday with her parents. In short I was gutted that I couldn't have her meet all my side of the family at this very special of occasion.

Sounds like a big positive to me.

In my experience, men generally don't introduce women to their family that they don't plan on being with for a long time. I think it's a positive sign as it shows commitment and that he's proud to have you :)

luvved up cupple wrote:

I'd say it's very important to him. Hope this cone out right but it sounds like he wanted to "show you off" for want of a better phase.

I know what you mean ^_^ We're very private, he has a friend that he meets once every few months and he asked if I'd like to go the next time as his friend wants to meet me after what he has told her about me. I've met his close guy friends too as we all have the same interests.

Exactly what Nat and Tom said 😊 guys don't normally introduce you to their family and friends unless they are looking upon you as someone they want in their lives for the long term. Play it cool and try to not get hung up on it. It is what it is, other than that ask him. 😊

It sounds to me like you're both on the same page. Enjoy it.

I'd say it's a very good sign when anyone takes you to meet their family. It shows that they trust you and are comfortable around you. And it went well which is even better. Congratulations 😊

Must agree with the others on this one, it all sounds very positive.

You say his mother kept coming up and hugging you. That's all you need to know! mothers only want the best for their sons, so if she is treating you well, then you have cracked it!

Enjoy! close family/friends is good![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Thanks everyone ^_^ You've put my mind to ease x