Does reading these threads ever turn you on?

Just my second thread so please be gentle with me;-)

Does reading these threads on this forum ever turn you on? I mean sopme of the things being said on here is quite racy to say the least! Just a thought??

oh yes they are too and they do what they say on the label lol

and when i say turn you on i mean "make you horny"

Oh yes, definately

Most of these forum posts I find very helpful or funny or interesting. But I agree that some of them do get me a bit hot under the collar (or should that be belt?)

everywhere sexytime lol

Yep! reading the forums quite often gets me turned on and sometimes jealous of what others are getting up to!

What turns me on is knowing that the person saying it is just as naughty as me..

The erotic stories might turn me on, or someone describing a fantasy that I can also connect with but rarely a direct turn on for me. Perhaps reading a thread might give me something to think about but it's rarely directly as a result of someone typing something on here.

Angel x

Have to agree with Avrielle and Dirty on this one. Threads might get me thinking about something, and get me in that frame of mind, but not turned on. This isn't the place for it, and shouldn't be.

The erotic fiction turns me on - and agree with the others.

ditto Dee, i love reading wait people have to say and yes it can 'spark' the imagination a bit, i enjoy chatting to people more its a bit more personal

No, I'm one of those who agree that this is a place for advice and community, not getting hot and bothered. I'm very careful what I post too. Just not interested in my experiences being used in that way without my consent.

No. I joined the forum for advice at the beginning of a relationship which is more physical and definately kinkier than my previous ones. I stay because it is a friendly community full of people willing to share experiences and knowledge.

I dont read the erotic fiction, TBH it doesnt appeal to me, never has, but although I might get ideas of things to try out I cant say I have ever had to rush offline to relieve the tension


I've found that some descriptions of people's views of different sex acts can be really interesting, and a occasionally get me really turned on. But that largely depends on the quality of the writing; most of the time even the quite explicit stuff is just for information only.

Hehehehehehe! Me too, A_A, but only when I think it's justifiable. Usually.

You're by no means the most explicit or crude member on here, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.

I'm always curious about how other people experience their sexuality. And I admit to enjoying writing about my own. Sometimes I get a bit hot from describing exactly how I/we go about things, but don't usually get steamed up from what other people say.

I do get turned on by some of the things said on here.

In a way. If something strikes my fancy, then I imagine myself and the OH in the scene, and *that* appeals to my lusty senses, but I think I'd feel a bit icky if I was getting horny thinking directly about another forum user.

I agree too, some treads are very warming indeed! :) As long its safe then I am happy with it! regardless of what you get up too :)