Does she clean up??

I love nothing better than my OH to go down on me and lick my cxxk clean after a good fxxking, does ur women clean up?

Well I'm a woman and I always clean up my oh......not going to waste that !!

I don't, he wouldn't do it and wouldn't expect me to either. I have only just started to swallow and that's not every time either but it's an immediate thing. I will give him a blow job after sex but I'm not up for licking all the cum off him.

I don't do this either. I swallow but am not such a fan of cum that I would like to clean him up afterwards.

Your Oh cleaned up? mine doesn't know how to work the washer and he can't mop for sh*t 😕

Your OH sounds like mine, after 2 years with the same washer, he still says he does not know how to use it. I call BS 😂

Definitely always clean up my mess. It's a nice kinky way to finish ;)

If my OH is on top, and I'm tied, there's nothing hotter than her turning and us 69ing!

I really like the idea of licking my OH’s cum of his body when I’ve finished a hand job but don’t want it to be weird. I love him coming in my mouth when giving him a BJ. Any tips?

Oh yes...waste not want not...💦💦

I don’t. Makes me gag lol I’ll do blow jobs but I have to dry my juices and his cumin off him first though, he doesn’t mind as long as he gets a bj. Even hearing my partner lick and slurp up my wetness used to turn my stomach and took me a while to stop feeling that way. He says he enjoys it, each to their own lol

Nope, not here. She doesn't swallow a bj, and after sex we just use a towel or similar. Happy with the status quo

I allways clean up its a nice way to finish

We are really into tissues.

I don't clean up, that's my partners' job. ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Or I can use it as lube when pegging them.

I wouldn't go out of my way to do it 😅 but I'm not opposed to a bit now and then if I'm already there lol