Doms/spankers.......what does it make you feel like?

Just wondering.....

My husband loves spanking me, he used to use his hands but we got a paddle and he happily paddled me with it. I then asked him if he'd consider using his belt on me - which he happily obliged to.

Obviously I like being spanked, but when I've asked him what it makes him feel like spanking me ?(he has never ever lifted a hand to me other than in a sexual nature and when i've completely agreed to him doing it), he can't explain it. He say's it a feeling that he finds it hard to describe. Can anyone else describe this feeling for me, just so I know what sort of gratification he gets from spanking me.


Just realised my title should read 'How does it make you feel' rather that what does it make you feel like!

Interesting topic.