dont tell the bride...

i absolutely love this programme! me n hubby arent married, or even engaged. weve been together nearly 2 years and we always watch dont tell the bride together and discuss how it would all be. I think id love it, he knows exactly every part of my perfect day. im not a normal lady and just want a load of fun on my wedding day.


would you trust your man to plan your whole wedding?

NO WAY lol, my OH idea of tastefull is his shorts and crocs!!!!!!!!!! I actually can't believe were together as were so different, but hey it works x

Never in a million years; saying that he knows how to make things special so he'd probably add touches that were extra special for us, that mean nothing to anybody else lol.

Saying that we have been together for 25 years and not married as we dont need that bit of paper to say we love each other.

i enjoy this programme as well but wouldnt trust him to organise the wedding, he had nothing much to do with ours as it was let alone go alone and do it lol

but i dont understand why on this programme they dont before hand say right i like this type of dress and what to get married at such and such place, then they will get their wedding paid for and what they want, mind you most of the men do get it right

Wow i love this thread!

Weve allmost been married a yr got wed last yr on the 4th may and i allways watched don't tell the bride for tips and a laugh! I love this programm very interesting! But i really don't think id trust my hubby to choose my dress! He used to watch it with me and he'd be like oh thats nice etc (stuff that was not my taste) . I think i could trust him to choose the venue and favours etc, he's not into football so i know id defo would not have football team colours (which would be my worse nightmare). x x