double ended rabbit

me and friend have talked and i have even emailed a couple of websites but never got a reply ...i wonder why!!!!, all i asked was i wondered if they would ever consider making a double ended rabbit so it can be used by 2 females at the same time like a double ended dong, the idea sounds like it should work and well to be honest if it was ever put into production i would give it a testing lol, if anyone knows if any companys i could get intouch with please let me know lol...Lucylou

that sounds like such a good idea, i dont know any but dont give up im sure some one will do it let me know how you get on

Gosh, that would certainly be one heavy, battery hungry toy.

Do you mean something like so, lucylou?

Unless you meant that you wanted not just a double vibrator but also double rabbit clit vibes...? I think the problem with that would be that you couldn't actually get any closeness to each other.

If you think about the set-up of the toy, you have to have some room for just batteries and some room for controls--so from where the little rabbit was against your clit, there would be another three or four inches that had to be non-vibrating. In other words, three or four inches (double that if you want both to have the full set up) between your bodies.

I think it would be better to go with the basic long, double vibrator and either supplement with bullet vibes against your clits, or just rub together.

i think if you look at the original peaerl rabbit design you'll find it is possible to design a double ended rabbit but thier would be three inches at least between the two partners using it but then its not just about closeness is it its also about having a good time with your partner.

Double Rabbit sounds like it could be fun campers, anyone found anything more rabbit like since this was posted?


If you took the battery pack out of the shaft (so it was on wires that could be left away from the bodies, then you could get the closeness. Be a bit fiddly, but wouldn't mean three inches gap. You could even have a swivvling bunny so you could take turns directing it towards each others clit if you wanted to make it more personal rather than voyeristic.

maybe they should make an attatchment so people can stick any two vibes,plugs or dildos together and use them in a double ended style ? lol that seems logical xxxx

Lil known l think that is a brill idea as well, would need 2 jubilee clip like fittings in the mid section to accomodate different sized insertables.... but the grounding for a fun item there really, to avoid the battery issue have it plugged into the mains with the necessary adaptor, and hand held on/off controls, leave it to you whether for your own or the other person's insertable !!

You look like you might be into art so should be a cinch!!


LoveHoney - Ruth wrote:

Yep, there is such a thing as a We're not planning to stock it...quite yet!

shit, thats like darth mauls lightsaber.

how would i go about getting a prototype? lol

i know how you could go around making the attatchment .... think of a chinese finger trap which is bendable and each opening can be stretchy

god i gotta get me some copyright before one of you steals the idea! lol

i wish i could give it to you lovehoney for being o so amazing over the past few years and making my sex life the best it can be!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LoveHoney - Ruth wrote:

Yep, there is such a thing as a We're not planning to stock it...quite yet!

Is there any point in this product. U might as well just put 2 ordinary ones together. I could see the point if there wasnt that huge gap in the middle.

Oooh wow, those look interesting!

LH_shelley wrote:

I always thought this one looked like it would be more fun! Doesn't vibrate, but more flexible


it looks like its got wings! lol (is now thinking why could this not have been the pic for caption comp, as i actully could come up with a caption for once lol)