Double Trouble

If I think of using sex toys in the “traditional sense”, I generally picture a person with a vibrator or dildo going at it until they finish.

However! I love to mix it up a bit and regularly use multiple toys together. Do you use more than one toy at once? If so, what are they?

Personally, I love using the Hot Octopuss Masturbator and the Mantric P-spot Vibrator but would love to hear from other guys or ladies!


Oh yes, sometimes I use a rabbit with a vibrating love egg inside me, whilst also having a dildo in my ass!! Best orgasms when ‘full’


You’ll find a lot of responses on this thread from last week, and you can contribute your answer to the ongoing conversation!

(Wife enjoys a good dildo with her Womanizer. I occasionally use a stroker and a prostate massager together.)

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Definitely the more the merrier, especially at Christmas!!

I personally like a butt plug and a stroker.

My wife likes a wand and a dildo.

We have sessions where we get our bag of toys out and go through our collection trying out what we like on each other.

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Damn that’s a good combo! I’d probably do the same sort of thing in using a p-spot vibrator maybe a fleshlight :thinking:

Yes all the time from love balls and rabbit and butt plug to dildo and wand
More toys more pleasure :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Favourite is Butt plug, Dildo and wand :sweat_drops:


I also like a combination of butt plug and stroker like @Love_Stud_Too mentioned.

Better options for a woman with the extra hole to fill so those combinations are hot.

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For me usually only the fleshlight and sometimes with a cock ring or similar.
But the OH. She is happy with two or more. Her fave is butt plug in and riding a suction dildo… love to watch that.

I will often use two or more toys on myself at once. I enjoy filling all my holes with different dildos, plugs and vibratos. I also like to use nipple suckers as well as make sure a have something pressed against my clit as much as possible.

My Oh likes to be filled. Butt plug, wand on her clit, I kneel next to her where I am able to use a dildo in her V, while she sucks my cock. She literally shakes and has orgasm after orgasm.