Douche / Enema - A Product Suggestion

Hi Richard,

I have a suggestion for you that arises from another thread here.

Lovehoney have all sorts of bulb type enema stuff, but the one thing missing is a good quality fountain type enema kit. That's a major gap for enthusiasts by the way.

The market now has a plethora of cheapo far east rubbish enema bags and it's very difficult for the public to find anything well made. However, there IS a very good set that's recognised as the real deal and it's British. I know they're great, I have one. They're made in Barnsley (hooray) by Suba Seal. Here are the company details in case you're interested:

William Freeman Ltd (trading as Suba Seal) Suba Seal Works, Wakefield Road Barnsley, S75 6DH Telephone: 01226 284081 · Fax: 01226 731832 Classification: Rubber & Plastic Products - Mnfrs


BBG - fantastic suggestion, thank you very much.

We'll get in touch with Suba Seal next week.

I sense a "Best of British" section coming on!

Keep the suggestions coming!

Hey, I like the "Best of British" idea! Nice one.