dr johnson a-lube natural

any ideas if its safe to use the doc johnson anal lube natural with the titanmen and american bombshell range, me being silly assumed 'natural' meant water based

I'm not 100% sure but I do know that silicone lubes can't be used with silicone toys

thats where im stuck it just says oil based, doesnt say if it does or doesnt contain silicone

I'd say if your not sure, don't. Have you tried asking live chat? They might be able to help.

i didnt think of that ooops will get on it

Any Oil based lube will 'eat' into your silicone toy eventually and degrigate the surface and when you store it away any lube left on the toy after washing tends to melt the silicone.

I always use a water based lube with my toys... either that or totally cover the toy with condoms and then you can use whatever lube you want. x

Hope this helps

Always go water based with toys its not worth ruining a good toy

thanks everyone, will stick to lubes i know are water based in future