Dressing gown/ Robe

I'm male and what to buy a dressing gown would any of the ones on love honey be ok to wear help please!!!!!!

Doesn't matter how well fitted or tasteful a robe is on a man, if 'the last turkey in the shop' is on show.. it spoils the view. Get a nice pair of boxers to go with it!

agree with Carly, they are supposed to be loose. I don't know your size though, but don't buy a small one. I'd prefer a nice thong underneath but that's up to you and your partner.


You can't beat a kimono style robe on a man, the shape of them looks very sexy on broad shoulders - I loved my hubby in the one at our hotel in Cairo, if it hadn't had a daft picture on the front, it would have gone in the case!
It was plain white cotton ( apart from the logo) and very square in shape with wide sleeves, very sexy. They are open at the top but well covered on the lower half.