Dressing in Latex for your partner


I would very much like to try more latex items I only have underwear at the moment but I don't mind wearing women's latex clothing & my partner likes it to as long as it fits me well, I'm not sure about a catsuit as I cannot find a crotchless one for men, I liked the looked of one I found on another website, but to be honest I have some crotchless latex underwear from LoveHoney so I was thinking of pairing them up with this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=11870 but what I'm not sure of is that it states the garment has a moulded bodyshape, but what I have seen of people's photos it doesn't seem so noticeable, so would a man be able to wear this & it hug is figure?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I own this toy and just had a loot at it so I can try and help. It does have an "Hourglass" shape, so it narrows in at the waist and flares back out at the hips area. I personally find that it hugs my figure perfectly well but I have an hourglass shape of course. It feels very clingy and tight and I could not imagine it not clinging to your body.

In fact I remember my partner trying it on for a giggle and it didnt fit him (I got the medium and even though he wears small to medium tee shitrs, the medium in this was too small. I didnt even attempt to zip it up on him as I couldnt stretch it that hard) From what I saw however, it was so clingy it hugged his shape all the way as well. (No loose bits at all.)

I am not guaranteeing it but I think it probably would fit without bagging or sagging anywhere. The problem is I do not know your size or shape and so can not recommend which size would be best. I also imagine (but not sure) that due to the flare at the hips (and men having narrower hips) that the very bottom of the top will look curved around your hip/pubic area, (hell it looks slightly curved around mine) Hope this helps.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to help Fluffbags it is greatly appreciated, I have a size 14 womens catsuit but judging by what you have mentioned I may well order one in size 16-18, I'm a waist 29 to 30 inches medium tee shirt size which is about 38-40 chest & fairly slim, I'll order one when we order a bumper birthday bundle for my birthday later in the year.

Thank you kindly once more for all your help.

Take care kind regards S&M

If I may say Fluffbags your profile picture looks very lovely, the outfit is very flattering.