Drunk sex with my ex

My best experience was probably when i found out my now x boyfriend had cheated on me with a girl i worked with who was so sickly sweet i always suspected they had had a thing but thought i was imaging it untill i heard a comment
so one night my boyfriend took me out to this restaurant and i bluffed him i told him i know bout him and this girl eventually he admitted it my heart stopped as i thought i was just bein a jealous cow when he went to the loo i legged it and rang my mates and went clubbin with them i needed to take my mind off things but i rang my mum to tell her where i was going and that i be back home late i was 17.
anyway matt my boyfriend had rang my mobile relentlessly which i ignored so he rang my mum who told him i was at this particular club
so there i was dancing when i felt a tap on my shoulder it was matt who reaked off vodka in a right state he wanted me to go home with him and talk bout it and i was just ignoring him dancing a few of my male mates where there to and they r quite big lads and the bouncers started coming over so i thought thered be a scenve so i went home with him
when we got back to his we went to his room as he rented a room of his mate
he started shouting i was shouting saying i wanted to split then i got angry and started saying was she better tyhen me and wanted all the gory details and i dunno i suppose all the gory details him mad me mad and slightly drunk and him being rough with me as hed pinned me on the bed was such a massive turn on we started to kiss
then he ripped my tights where my vagina is moved my underwear to one side and gave me the best oral sex of my life his tongue was so urgent licking me all over fast slow and then finding my clit it literally took me bout a second to come but cause i was so angry and drunk i wanted the sex to be bout me so i made him go down on me for bout an hour making me come bout 5 times
i wouldnt usually be so bolshy but i know i was gonna break up with him and that this was our last time together so i thought what the hell nothing has compared to it since really and i regret breaking up with him now