Dutch is best

If you're in Amsterdam, and can remember who you are, check out the condom shop in the red light district for a huge variet of rubbers. I can personally recommend the Eddy Croco green knobbly ones.

Aren't there a lot of condom shops in the Red Light District in Amsterdam? When I was there last, I spent too much time gawping at the girls in the windows to pay too much attention to shopping!

Is Eddy Croco a make of condom?

I need more info... one of my best mates is from holland, I should get him to go and get me this Eddy croco... strange thing is He is called Eddy hehehehe Too funny!!
I can see you started this link like almost a year ago but please I need to know :P

Hi anyone around?

I asked my mate eddy and he says these condoms dont exsist as far as he knows :S