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Can someone please translate the first post?

Thank you.

what do you mean by translate? isn't it already ok to read?

www.youporn.com www.pornotube.com www.yuvutu.com all real people vids

Does traceyd68 own a Private shop? :-P

From my experience Private Shops are the worst place in the known universe to go for anything adult! Half the things are unpriced so you have to ask all the time. Then they quote a price according to how much you look like you can afford. Surly staff, huge prices, reprints of original continental mags covered in cling film with great pics on the outside but f**k all inside. Yes, I've been conned more than once by that crowd, and I shan't forgive them for it either! Oh, and R rated still means censored by the way.

no i don,t own a private shop,i,ve personally have never had any problems with stuff i,ve brought from them,even though i,ve brought a few vids from thier,i get all my porn on the web site & for anything else i shop around .

i like to brooden my horizen,try different shops & web sites and any info from the forum ,that way i check out new site,s even if they are aload of rubbish or good.