ejaculating dildos

hi, a while ago me n wife surfed random porn to discover the ejaculating dildo. Not jst 1 clip but a genre all to it with all shapes size colour toys. I since promised to buy her 1 in black or red to show me how it feels to be covered in cum. I starting to wonder where the porn stars got their toys from as all i can find r small stand alone versions, as apposed to harness compattable types. i fear that they may have been specially made for the films? would this be the case????iv found 1 black one on a whole sale site (un priced) afilliated with lovehoney, yet love honey dont seem to supply???? someone must know!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine,Lollipops wrote:

Hello and welcome!

Do you mean something like this?

Hello and welcome too!

I would love to have seen the out takes of that video! Surely they must have cracked up laughing a few time or just me?

The pump doesn't quite give the same 'spurt' as normal ejaculation it seems but you would probably need something with a motorised pump to give that I'd guess?

iv looked at them yes. iv got special requests like colour and must be of the larger size. it feel scary saying the size, i just hope she has no plans of insertion, just wanting to cum over me like on the porns we watched

well thanks for your concern. youl be the first to find out if i get covered by her. may put pic up if i find out how to????

You're not allowed to post pictures like that. check the forums rules. You'll find it gets taken down by mods.