Eliminating clothing marks on skin

People are probably wondering what we are on about so let us explain. When you wear any clothing for a while, or in fact if you are in contact with a textured surface for a while, it leaves either an impression or visible mark on the skin for a while afterwards, eventually fading. We can unfortunately assure you that as you grow older it takes longer and longer.

So why do we care? Well, photos are one of our big pervs. Look elsewhere and you'll see we like to take posed erotic photos in various situations and locations. Often they are in places where we have to go dressed, quickly get ready and shoot the photos. The problem is, unless Mrs Belle is wearing nothing under a raincoat (been there, done that) the marks left by the clothing can ruin the best laid plans, or more to the point photos.

Typical examples are underwear lines, skin creases from holding a position too long or from outer clothing when sitting (We did say we were older) and our personal favourite (not) the patterns left by the car seat on Mrs Belle's backside. Sounds funny, but an erotic photo is somewhat spoiled by a bum that looks like a waffle.

Photoshop exists, and yes we have used it but we don't like to. We have taken to wearing certain looser clothes with less seams, blankets on seats to reduce waffling and where possible taking clothes off as much in advance as possible. Easy at home, not so easy otherwise.

But what can we do when the dreaded marks appear? Does anyone have any tips on how to make them fade faster, or minimise their appearance?


I`m no expert,but i`d saying making sure you`re well hydrated will help with skin elasticity,then maybe vigorous rubbing of the affected areas to stimulate circulation would likely help with getting the skin crease/mark free.

I agree hydration helps but some items just leave less marks. For example the flirty boyshorts don't leave any as the elastic is spread through the lace and not in a band. As summer is approaching summer dresses might help. I have a lovely strapless one by Monsoon, that has a tie string lace around the waist, and an elasticated top edge. The material is jersey and doesn't crease or indent. The waist tie will not leave any marks and the elastic top edge is soft and cushioned by the jersey material, and as its long no need for underwear. Could work?

Thanks, both good ideas. The hydration thing also got us thinking about trying some moisturising cream beforehand, which seems obvious now we think about it. Mr Belle will go right at rubbing it all over Mrs Belle at the earlist opportunity. Mrs Belle has a number of them, but would like to know if the ladies out there have any they have found to be good


My absolute favourite is soap & glory smoothie star buttercream. My other half literally wants to eat me as it smells divine and it's deeply moisturising but non greasy.

I love the smell of Soap and Glory too,it smells so sweet!