Email Help!

Hi all!

I love lovehoney and never usually have problems but for the last two months none of my lovehoney emails have come through?

I haven't changed the email and all other emails are coming into it so I don't know why something has suddenly changed?

I don't get the deal of the day emails and I keep getting review products showing up at my door without me knowing they are coming!

I also needed my magic wands replaced as it has been on the blink for a few months and didn't know why I hadn't had an email back about it even though I reported my issue and now I am past the one year returns because I spent so much time waiting for that email!

I can't get the chat to work on my phone so please could a lovehoney mod help me here?



Check your junk folder for products showing up at your door - might be a tester from the forums! Maybe all your emails are going to your junk folder if you haven't got customer care/cazz/returns etc as a saved sender?

I would definitely check the junk as suggested. And do just contact Lovehoney again to get it all sorted!

It will be in junk. This happened to me a while back & missed out on all the deals.. Boooo! Add them to your contacts & you shouldn't have any more problems x

Hi there, I have heard that if you don't always click on your e-mails received from Lovehoney, they sometimes stop sending them to you. Also, go into your account and click on 'manage my e-mail subscriptions' to check that the options are all ticked. I didn't receive e-mails for the last couple of days, and when I checked for some reason the boxes were unticked. Not sure how that happened, but since re-ticking them I have been receiving e-mails again ok :) xx

Try ringing them to sort out immediate issues for now.

Otherwise check junk and add them to a safe senders list as well

Normally tester item show up on your account unless they are secret testers which emails do go into junk folder. If you can't get live chat just phone Lovehoney im sure they will help with your wand x

I'm the same. I spoke to Sian on cc and she had no idea why and they've not in my junk folder either. I don't get the newsletters etc even though in subscribed to them. But if Cazz sends one they come through fine! Baffled.
I guess I've probably missed out on a lot of discounts along the way which is annoying esp as our anniversary this weekend.

Hey, this happened to me to. What I did was to check under 'Manage your e-mail subscriptions' and found that all the boxes that were ticked , were no longer there. So I just selected what I wanted to receive by e-mail again and saved it. Since doing that, i have started to receive the e-mails again.

Give it a go, and failing that give LH a call.

Hello! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with our emails. We've checked our systems, and you should be getting them.

As most members have suggested, it's worth checking your spam folder. If you're still having trouble, then adding us to your 'safe sender' list for future emails could be the key.

Our in-house email expert Dan explained how to do this (to be honest, I wasn't totally sure!). He says...

Open your mailbox and click “Options” (upper right hand corner). Click the “Junk E-Mail Protection” link. Select the “Safe List” link. Copy and paste into the dialog box titled “Type an address or domain”. Click the “Add” button next to the dialog box.
Hope this helps! Get in touch if you're still having trouble.

Nothing in junk? I've been getting emails for a year and suddenly it's stopped? I get usually at least one tester product a month and they always emailed me to let me know so I'm sure they are still sending the emails, it's just that nothing is coming through?

I'll check my subscriptions but that doesn't explain why I haven't got any emails from lovehoney mods?

It's all very strange and random because nothing has changed with my email or LH account??


Just a little tip I have found with Gmail they use other folder sections such as promotions...

Sometimes our newsletter emails get sent there so for anyone using Gmail / Google mail that is also worth a check as well as junk/ spam folder

Lupina I will email you from another account we use to see if this is recieved :)

It's a hotmail account and I always open the messages I get from Lovehoney so I have no clue? Nothing has changed since I got this account, I always getting an email telling me when a review product is coming, I haven't changed the email address, I always opened my Lovehoney emails and nothing has gone to junk - They've just disappeared off the face of the earth??

Also - Leane I've received nothing?

Maybe I should just change the email and see if that gives it the kick up the arse it needs!

I have finally got it working!

Turns out there was an outlook update that stops your emails coming through until you have sat through all their stupid pop up I for bubbles - Which only works on an actual computer. And I never use my laptop to check my emails. EVER. I have a phone to do that for me so you know I was getting very annoyed when I finally tried to fix it with my laptop!

But now I have 174 messages to filter through so at least I'll have something to occupy myself with in my hospital bed! (Cause for some reason they don't leg you do anything fun in here! ;) )

Thank you so much to everyone for their help! I really appreciate it! <3

~ Lupina