Embarrassed to get bra fitted?


I'm embarrassed to get my bra fitted professionally as I'm quite small in that area. I hate my boobs the best of times but it just seems wrong to walk in to a shop and ask to be fitted as I feel I have nothing to get fitted!

I've been reading other forums on here, and people say M&S laugh at you if youre wearing the wrong size? Does anyone know anywhere I can go and feel comfortable being fitted with such small boobs? :(

Thanks all!

Kate xx

I guess it varies from M&S to M&S but when ever I've been measured in different branches the ladies have been nothing less than professional when I found I'd shrunk to a smaller band size I got asked what types of bra I like and the lady looked round the store and got what I liked in my size and helped me try it on I could've tried in private if I preferred if I wasn't comfortable getting my tits out in front of a stranger I didn't buy from there as it was too expensive but I knew what to look out for elsewhere.

Lots of other places like debenhams bhs bon marche bra shops will also measure you, I know from other people that debenhams is really good and they sell smaller band sizes, as I am a size that isn't very easy to find in most shops I got one of those stretchy pull on bras from primark the other day best £2.50 I've spent in a while it's really comfy, if you just want something for every day they might work for you

If you have a tape measure you could measure yourself and use an online calculator to give you an idea of your size lots of sites like 85b are really inaccurate but http://www.calculator.net/bra-size-calculator.html is the most accurate I've found

I've been fitted in stores in the US, australia and the UK, and no-one has been anything less than professional.

I would go to a speciality bra retailer if there is one near where you are - they have seen everything, so no need to worry :)

My wife has been fitted by Debenhams and has nothing but praise for their service.


i would actually look to get to a specialist lingerie shop if you are nervous.

Nothing wrong with debenhams or m and s, but with the specialist shops these people live lingerie and are likely to be far more accommodating to you.

ps this is a couples account!!!

Hopefully Amanda will see this she posted on this topic recently she will be able to help you :)

Hey babe, don't let people's comments about bad experiences put you off a shop. Before I had a boobs job I was 32aa and would go to both la senza and m&s for bras. I had great experiences in both shops. La senna where always more helpful in helping me find things like chicken fillets or padded bras/gel bras to help give me the illusion of cleavage. M&s was always the place I went to for more of the comfortable day to day bra.
Every store is going to have members of staff who are just idiots. They prob do not realise the effects their comments have on the general public and I'm sure that fuller breasted women hear things like " wow those are big boobies" too.
You can be measured without even taking your top off. So don't feel embarrassed. And of anyone did say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable..... Complain. Because all the people that write negative comments about their shopping experiences never seem to complain. If complaints where made better training would be given to staff and these event wouldn't happen.
Hope you find some good bras soon

I went to marks & spencer and ann summers and they have both been brilliant. Very helpful in finding you the perfect bra too. X

Debenhams and La Senza are brilliant. They know exactly what they're doing an make you feel at ease (:

I have nothing but praise for debenhams. When i kinda... exploded in the bust area (went from a 36C to a 36E, and was still wearing the C cups), they measured me, picked out comfortable but pratical bra's as well as some sexier looking ones. Not only that, knwoign that I was going to pay for them, they allowed me to keep one on that fit perfectly (they took the tag off and scanned it at the desk). They are getting my attention again soon since I need a sports bra for the gym and Martial Arts (just so I can slim down to fit into some of the lingerie on this site!).

I went bra shopping when I still had my hands in metal wrist splints and couldn't do my own bras up - not ideal but mine were getting really bad! I went to BHS and the lady there was so lovely and helpful, I don't have that larger breasts, but I have very broad shoulders and back which means that instead of being a C cup, which was my default, I'm a dd just so the cups are wide enough without cutting by boobs in half!

So everyone has their own insecurities when they go bra shopping, I hope you find some pretty bras! :)

Judging from the experiences I've had being fitted as a man, they're used to all sorts. It's bad luck if you get somebody insensitive (who's probably rude becasue they don't properly know what they're doing and don't want to get the blame for it), but everywhere I've been I've had superb help and the one or two that weren't prepared to fit me were very nice about it, it just wasn't what they do.

MInd you, after a number of illnesses and lots of time hanging around in hospital with next to to nothing on and carrying a bag of wee, nothing much upsets me nowadays!

Although my boobs have grown over the years, I tend to use chicken fillets, partly because if the wire fits me the cup itself is often too large, but also because when you have small boobs they help the bra to sit better on you and not ride up as much. In my book the fillets make you look better rather than just bigger.

Good luck!

If one does get insensitive assistants they should be reported for their behaviour. Id report them.

I got fitted in different places because I didn't believe the sizes they said I was. I found m and s the most help I have small boobs and they helped me and showed me how I can make them look bigger xxx

I went to ann summers after a summer of uncomfortable red strap marks all over my chest, I didn't even know they did bra fitting in ann summers until I went in! But I also highly reccomend M&S who do such lovely quality bras, both are very professional and the ladies always put me at ease about getting semi naked in front of them (a little daunting if you've never done it before). But remember these woman probably see over 50 pairs of breasts a day, it's nothing new to them.
Not only that, bra fitting is essential for comfort, the wrong size can lead to uncomfortable marks (like I had), back ache, underwire stabbing in.
I hope you find all sorts of wonderful underwear sets! And most of all have a comfortable non awkward bra fitting

All places should be professional, I went to M&S for my first ever bra fitting and I was embarassed because I had a really big bust for someone my age. In all my bra fittings you keep your original bra on and they will be able to tell if it fits right and then they measure around you so you don't need to be shy.

Your real issue is getting the right place because the sizes differ slightly on every bra a 32 in one shop may be perfect but too tight in another.

I find la senza aren't very good tbh, I took my mum for her bra fitting and they did a rubbish job, gave her a bra 2 sizes too big!!

Ann summers and Victoria secret do the best, but A.S don't have a massive range, they're rather 'sexy' and don't do basics but I still love them :D and V.S, their bras come in allsorts of ranges and styles and they're amazing quality and gorgeous, a little on the expensive side average around £40 but you get what you pay for and because it's high end lingerie the employees are very well trained.

I hope your first experience isn't as traumatic as you think and you feel sexy and comfortable in your new lingerie :) Xx

There is nothing to be embarrassed about the lady who fits the bra aint in the room while you put the bra on they just check the fitting is right for you when you got the bra on

I was always too nervous to go get a fitting, even though I knew I was wearing the wrong size.

Then one day in Ann Summers when I was really annoyed at the complicated sizing system and just asked for a fitting, and they just looked at the way I wore my original bra then gave me a few different ones to try.

It was all very relaxed and comfortable, and made me feel like a doofus for not just going for it sooner. I went from a 34B to a 34D! So much comfier now :D

There's a difference between measuring and fitting. Measuring can work OK if you're only working with one brand and not too much variation in style, but fitting, where the fitter gets the bra on you and makes sure it's right for your body with thst style, is another leap forward.

My fitting lady has had all sorts of sizes on me, from 38B, through 36D, 36DD, 38C, 38D and even bigger if I use forms, but those first 5 sizes are all to get to the same result with just me.

I can't recommend too highly the process of being fitted by someone who really knows what they're doing. Don't be shy, girls, if a man can, you can!

I have had real problems getting bras to fit in the past but only due to lack of availability in my size. I am a 30b/c depending on the bra.
I would also highly recommend boux avenue, they stock my size in almost all there ranges and the staff are fantastic .

Before la senza changed hands I found them fantastic-now they don't do my size anymore!

If I ever went somewhere and staff were rude about my small breasts I would march up to the manager and loudly complain- how dare they!!! You should never feel embarrassed about the size of your breasts. We are all beautiful big small and everywhere in between!

Not great experience with Debenhams btw as all they could say was that doesn't fit right etc you need a 30 back...well stock more sizes then durrrr!!