Emotional after orgasming ?

Well the title pretty much sums up my thread. Last night my hubby spent the night pleasuring me, he has a torn forskin and a really bad back from work so sex isn’t as often as usual. He was playing with me for a few hours and once I couldn’t take anymore I burst into tears. I have no idea why, I just wanted him to hold me while I sobbed my heart out. Has this happened to anyone else?

It's science my love. It's very common for a woman to get emotional, we get overwhelmed by a loving sensation. With men they tend to fall asleep. This is nothing to do with them not caring but more about regenerating the vitamins, minerals etc lost through ejaculation. It's the way we have evolved to procreate.

I think sometimes it's to do with releasing tension, it can just cause a tearful response as you let it all out. I knew a woman who burst into tears after a head massage, so the stimulation doesn't have to be sexual. I think we are often so stressed out and busy trying to keep our heads above water and hold it all to get that we don't even realise how much tension we're holding on to until something forces us to release it. A long sexual session that focuses on your pleasure and body is a wonderful thing for letting go. Crying can just be a part of that.

Totally normal! I’ve had it happen a couple of times thankfully my OH just went along with it and didn’t think I was too strange lol. As said above, sometimes you don’t realise how much emotion and stress and tension your holding in until something forces you to release it and just focusing on you and your pleasure and your body was probably the trigger to that. Just let it all out and it’ll make you feel even better that’s what I’ve found anyways 😊

Thanks guys. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and I am feeling a bit emotional. My hubby thought he’d done something wrong. He didn’t, I just couldn’t speak thro the sobs.

Yep it's happened to me quite often and also sometimes when I have a really long session playing alone. Just down to a total emotional and physical release xx

Over the years, I've experienced many different emotional reactions in women at organ - tears, laughter, both of those together, lovely serene smiles and one who hummed a little tune as we hugged each other tightly after a mutual climax - beautiful! Love the variety.

Aw I’m so glad I’m not alone. I’m dealing with a lot of demons right now, working on it and I can see the rainbow at the other side. Sex is something I’m really emotional about. Maybe my tears were a clearing as such. One thing it made us hug each other a little tighter that night x