Engagement sex

I found a few old (like years old) threads on wedding night sex. Interested to hear sex stories about when people got engaged or on their wedding night. Did you do anything in particular that was different to normal, or get straight down to business? A lot of people seem to feel tired on their wedding night (understandably after the day).

I’m pretty sure we didn’t have sex the night of our wedding. I remember we had great sex the morning we woke up as man and wife though :slightly_smiling_face:


We shagged like animals…! It was way more fun for me than her I think. I remember her sitting on the toilet holding a cold Coke can on her crotch. We had no lube, I was a hairy mess and simply was in it for the orgasm as I was a virgin for my wedding night - old school thinking that this was a huge gift to give your wife. I still believe that it is however, I doubt she thought it was a great gift that night and those to follow… oh man, I was no nieve…

I have learned many things since then! I was such an idiot and ignorant about everything…glad she’s still with me though as she is my world!


Our engagement night we had some pretty romantic, passionate sex. We were still fairly vanilla with each other then.

Our wedding night I was wasted. I bought all the fancy white lace lingerie, then struggled to put it on in a bubbly fuelled haze. I barely remember having sex :sweat_smile: and I was oh so rough the next day, the only bit I saw of our luxury honeymoon suite was the toilet as I was sick :tired_face:

Luckily we’ve made up for it since then!


Haha - I’m sure you’re not the only one.

What matters, is that you have learned and you now know better :wink:

Engagement sex, both before and after popping the question (I still remember the somewhat nervous look on her face when I handed her the ring box, like “oh god, what has he chosen”) :slight_smile:

Also wedding night sex, nothing earth shattering, she was ill (head cold) and I was headachey also, but after taking about 15 minutes to get her out of her wedding dress and all the hairclips etc, it seemed a waste not to. Next morning sex was better…


My first time, his too, (piv sex) was missionary on our wedding night. My vagina was stinging. It didn’t hurt, but it didn’t feel good. After he came, I climbed over him so I could go to the bathroom, and all his cum in my vagina plopped onto his stomach. Since it was my first time, I didn’t think about the fact that there would be cum up there afterwards :joy:

It’s weird to think about, we were both 19 when we got married, and it was really awkward to leave the wedding reception, saying bye to our sets of parents and grandparents like, ok bye, we’re off to the hotel to have sex now :see_no_evil: I mean, we obviously didn’t say that, but that’s what it felt like :grimacing:

We didn’t really feel like having sex when we got to the hotel because we had just been so busy with the events and guests, transporting gifts, we were both sweaty, in dress and tux, I felt like I had hundreds of bobby pins in my hair and then it was all matted down with hairspray, we definitely weren’t horny, but we felt like we had to since it was our wedding night :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yeah :laughing: from the next morning on, we found out how good sex feels and had lots of it :joy::ok_hand:

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The night of our engagement was some of the most passionate sex we ever had, from what we remember. I remember screwing her up against the bedroom wall at one point. We both work up lying different ways across the bed. We’d been for a meal at our favourite restaurant and stayed out for drinks and ended up really drunk😬

Wedding was an anti climax, 40 minutes trying to get the back of her dress undone, ended up just going to sleep🤔


Can’t remember if we had ‘engagement night’ sex because he actually proposed to me after a particularly filthy session - maybe that’s what swung it - and we were too knackered to go at it again!

Wedding night sex was pretty filthy too, I remember. We got married on a cruise ship so I got it bent over the balcony with my dress over my head :joy:. Ahhh, happy days :slight_smile: .


Engagement sex was in Spain, ended up with sand where it shouldn’t be :weary:
Wedding night sex didn’t happen cos we were knackered from food, drink and dance.
Honeymoon sex was amazing on cruise ship, on the balcony at nighttime, OH holding on to handrail while I had good grip on her suspender belt straps.


@PKH The tradition in Canada was to have a gift opening the next day. My wife’s folks hosted and we showed up there at around 2 PM after our first night together. You know everyone was thinking about what we got on the night before. Everyone was invited and the girls would all disappear into the back bedroom to talk about our night.

It was a bit of a “walk of shame” that I don’t think I would put my kids through when they get married.


My partner proposed to me as we laid having cuddles in bed after a good long fucking, didnt have anymore than night though.

As for wedding night, ill get back to you next year!


Filth. Absolute filth with the most dirty trip through the toy box and beyond on the engagement. We had to paint over the oily hand marks in the hallway afterwards.

Drunken hot dirty sex on the wedding night. Rose petals look pretty but leave stains when they are smushed into the sheets by sweaty bodies.


My engagement sex lol nouthing too extravagant. Cuddleing alot

I actually proposed to him… During sex
We were in the missionary position, really passionate looking deep in his eyes, and I just said to him, will you marry me, he said yes and kissed me.
We didn’t have a party as such for our engagement, just a few drinks down the pub. We didn’t see much of it though :wink::smirk:
Our wedding night, 4 times we had sex that night, we stayed in a hotel that night, rose petals everywhere, really romantic. But the sex… Well that was absolutely filthy, all over the room, including the furniture


Our engagement was good but I’ll say wedding night she just went wild lol. She was a different kind of animal. Lol and we had just got married so I was happy


@Dirty-Wife did you ask him to marry you when he was about to cum. If so he was saying yes already. Great time to pop the question bc you know the answer your gonna get :laughing:


Who’s gonna say no during sex or when you’re about to cum lol. I’m very happy for yall tho seriously

We were definitely tired and a little drunk. I couldn’t get off. She got upset and then we didn’t have sex again until 4 days later on our honeymoon :laughing: we were both so exhausted from the wedding and all the stress. We needed those few days to recharge.

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Yeah, to be fair I agree with this. I know nothing of people’s real life relationships on here but I’d be very wary myself of either asking or being asked during sex. It’s not like somebody’s going to say nah I don’t really like you enough :joy: