Why is it that I always wake up with an erection every morning - without any erotic dreams or whatever. Could understand when I was puberty age, but I'm 35, and know I am not alone. I know blood has to go somewhere. But feet, hands, head??? No, straight to the private parts - any doctors on here want to explain?

Its cause during the night your blader gets full and pushes up agaisnt your prostate which is the male g-stop, so this causes you to get erections

really? is that true? i always thought it had something to do with being relaxed. I had no idea it was pee related.

yh its to do with your bladeder pressing against your prostate

Try reading this

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I'm pretty sure that it has nothing to do with a full bladder. I can stumble out of bed half asleep, have a pee and half an hour later wake up with a woody.

Also, as regards the article, I was given to understand that they normally occur several times during any normal night's sleep (during REM sleep) - much more common than the article seemed to suggest.

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