Erotic text chat with strangers

Amongst our (many) other perversions, we like this, and both Mr and Mrs Belle get turned on by good quality erotic chat. There are some people (most times you have no way of knowing whether it is a man or woman who is typing) who have wonderful imaginations and great writing styles that really fire us up. And no, we don't care if they are male or female or masquerading as the other sex, as long as what they write is good and engage us in that. Fantasies, scenarios, rollplay, stories.....

The problem is finding somewhere where the better type of 'chatter' goes, and avoiding the low quality places where you have someone wanting your pics, wants to show you pics of themselves or is a guy on the pull. Most don't seem to get that we just want erotic chat, not a written cheapo porn storyline.

Maybe we're too fussy, but if anyone knows a site that is more restrained, we are interested parties!