Erotica stories using toys

I love reading Erotica books but I can't find any stories where they use toys anyone know of any good short stories

Chastity took the long, brown parcel from the postman and closed the door. Her hands were shaking and her eyes shone with anticipation as she eagerly ripped opened the flaps and tore apart the package she found within.

And there it was, finally in her hands at last. She cradled it gently as she gazed upon its magnificence. What a thing of beauty it was. An elegant creature of ripples and glass, undulating with a life of its own. It called to her, deep within her soul, whispering wicked promises of secret pleasures and sweet release. Kicking the tattered remains of the packaging into the corner she took it quickly to bed.

*EDITED BY MODERATOR - Good god man. That was far too filthy. I had to go and wash my imagination out with soap and bleach. I'm lost for words. Just no. Okay. No.*

And there she lay. Exhausted, but replete. Her satisfied smile written all over her body. As the glow began to fade she reached out and picked up her phone from the bedside table and typed in an address. And so it began again...

Ian you do make me laugh ! But on a serious note oh my you have such a way with words ! Maybe you should write a novel you seem educated and knowledgeable enough ! Certainly sounded like a book I would enjoy. Your wit has no ends, yet again your comment brightens an other wise dull evening !


Yeah more like that except that wasn't fiction it was mostly real life for us who come here

Dirty Little Secret

I have videos me using toys on gf

My first attempt at writing erotica has a section with the heroine using toys - I'd post it here but it's likely to get "moderated" by our lively editor.
Haven't figured out how to publish yet - hey Lovehoney - how about an ebook publishing venture. There are plenty of us on here who like to write.
And anyway I want to read the rest of Ian's story. Grin

Oops - I meant LOVELY editor :-)

We used to have a section, but it got abused and we had to stop it. 

So, now we don't allow stories to be shared on the forum.

However, we do have this thread:

Enjoy :) 


They do say to write what you know 🙂 I'm afraid I don't know of any actual erotic fiction that involves toys, but if there's a gap in the market I think we should all jump on it. Maybe Lovehoney will stump up the funds for an anthology if we agree to include the line, 'And if you want to purchase any of the toys featured in these stories please visit us at'. 🙂


You're rapidly becoming my favourite forum member. 🙂 My wife has long stopped complimenting me (and rightly so) as it only fuels my rampant narcissism.

Well apologies to Mrs Chimp if I have put more fuel on the fire for your narcissistic tendencies. Although some of which I feel are rightly warranted when your using such humour to brighten the moods of the forum members. Plus I can't help it I do love a well written story !