Ever felt like asking

Anyone ever had a fill of asking a female friend question about sex toys and underwear weather its using them or tip, I'd love to ask what sort toys could be used on me and how they fill, or show me but how would I ask them? And how they react

I have a close friend who frequently (previously I should add, she has a steady fella now) mentioned leaving dildos and vibrators at guys houses who she’d been seeing for a few months at a time.

She’s quite an outgoing personality on the outside. So I think that helped break the ice in regards to these topics of conversation.

Do you have a close/best friend? Maybe you could mention you were looking for some new lingerie or something fairly tame and if they could suggest any websites? Might help break the ice a little?

Thanks sounds like a good idea I have a close female friend that is very in to her toys and outfits So may I'll do that see and then see if she could show me a couple she would use on a guy

This is the perfect place to ask people how certain toys feel or what lingerie make people feel the best in. Everyone in here are so helpful I'm sure you get plenty of advice and tips x

I wouldn’t ask anyone unless you have a close enough relationship such as a partner or best friend. My only issue would be a lot of people will get embarrassed or worried you have bad intentions, but you can happily ask away on the forums! I have a few girl friends who will talk quite openly about toys and give each other tips but that’s a close circle, and when I was younger I tended to be the “gay best friend”, even though I was very much straight/bisexual. My advice would be to ask on here or bridge a conversation with your partner ☺️

I agree with LIL_KNOWN69.

Furthermore, it would be better to ask a friend that has the same sex organs as you do. Why do you want to ask a female friend??

I am quite open to the discussion, but I've only got one friend who I do chat with (who also turned me on to LH since moving to the UK). I wish it wasn't so taboo amongst women to discuss technique and method, especially as it tends to be secreted away.

Thanks for all the comments and well iv always wanted to to play with toys and to get a toy / butt plug to use on my self, and only thought about maybe asking my female friend as she does have a collection of different toys only to see how big, long they are? And shes quite open about things iv asked if shes ever used toys on a guy and her reply was yes, so was thinking maybe she could show me what ones, sort she would use, Would love to be able to discuss it with someone female or Male for tips or advice as very interested in using toys