Ever walked in on...

Your other half masterbating when you get home from work?

It is a big turn on for me to get back when she is sprawled out on bed with a vibrator between her legs and wearing a steamy outfit, begging to be finished off by me.

Yup, I've walked in on Mr McP all naked and having a wank and it was HOT!!!

I did the only sensible thing; I jumped him.

Hehe, Kitty you sound too good to be true! Did you scare him at first (did he feel caught out) or was he doing it knowing you were about to come in ?!

He did jump a bit and fumbled for the bedclothes cuz he was worried it might have been our housemate walking in! Thankfully it was me.

But I am sure you settled him down nicely! :)

Thing is I have an extremely high sex drive and my wifes (and most mortals) drive isnt a match for mine - so I do pleasure myself a lot but feel quite bad about it sometimes - I would hate her to think she isnt enough for me in that dept.

Would you feel catching your parter out as a bad thing?

Never walked in on but when having a shower ive peeked out and thrugh into the bedroom and caught my oh having a bit of a shuffle............ just made me want to hurry up in the shower and help finish him off =D

oh yeah - love it when the OH comes out of the shower for some warm, slightly wet, scented sex action!

even better...drag them in the shower with u.........;)

toxycat wrote:

even better...drag them in the shower with u.........;)

Oh thats happened many times but I think the delight is catching the OH playing and must say that I played for a while watching him

My OH has an electric toothbrush and she likes to go "One for my teeth, one for my clit, one for my teeth, one for my clit" using different ends of course otherwise not very hygenic lol. I hear her in the morning though lol.

nope never walked in on anyone wanking,

however i used to have this fantasay where i would be on my bed playing with a toy and my OH would walk in and see me, get totaly hard and start to wank watching me playing, then finish up by wanking over me and cumming all over my boobs and tummy. :P


nope i havent either. i suppose its easier to walk in on someone when you have a live in partner.

I think this is one of the things that I'm looking forward to when I one day live with my OH, although you've kind of tempted me now to be playing with one of my toys when he arrives tomorrow. Probably best I don't though, don't wanna be all orgasmed out before we get onto the sex!

I've been walked in on during sex but never walked in on someone masturbating or masturbating myself. I think it's because I've always lived alone since my parents.

no, but it would be a big turn on! x

Hella Rouge (LH) wrote:

Never! FML.

Haha ;)

I just had to look that up I'm not down with the text speak!

I've caught him and helped him along, but he's never caught me.....yet!


I find it fascinating how different relationships can be. I know it can be different between guys and girls, but my OH would think Christmas had come early if he walked into me masturbating to porn.

this has never happend to me but my wife did once email me while i was at work telling me exactly what she was upto and wishing i could walk through the door and take over for her. my god i horny that night shift

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

There was one time when me and the OH were still not fully serious and I was round at his place and asleep in his bed curing my hangover while he was playing his computor game which was the norm at the time. But this particular time I woke up to a strange sound that wasn't anything like the sound of his game, and realised he was wanking off to some porn! I was so annoyed as I was obviously right there, and have never had a problem with him waking me up for sex.

It really lowered my self esteem and I felt rotton for days afterwards. I still feel uncomfortable when I think about it now. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I feel like I've been cheated on. I feel very strongly against it. Great if we are watching it together, but not good when you are trying to get a sneaky wank in while your OH is asleep.

At least he knows better now. We actually broke up for a bit a year or so ago because I found some rather disturbing videos on his laptop that was obviously 'hidden'. :/

OH has never properly caught me, though I'm sure he's aware of the bed creaking in the next room on occassion! Lol! But the way I see it, is he knows I think about him while masturbating. (I proudly tell him now and again. Lol!) so he shouldn't feel threatened.

Just go's to show how different relationships are. If I wake up my girlfriend for sex she tells me to get stuffed and just watch some porn with the Fleshlight she bought me instead.