Ever wondered how the other half experience it??


Very fun experience of an orgasm from boths sides

Hah- luff it!

hahaha, it's scary how accurate javascript popups can be ;)

that was an awesome page LOL...
however I have wondered how a woman's does feel. because when we orgasm we shoot .. but a woman dose not always shoot. but some woman can but squirting. however a g-spot orgasm is more of flood of fluid coming out and when we come it comes in spurts 1,2,3,4,5 ect. so do we experience about the same? good question. I don't know but i would love to know.

that was very funny diddlexl! i sent it to my bf on msn and then sat back and watched him click frantically whilst laughing his head off - fun times!

I spend far too much time surfing the internet for random crap so i justify it be showing everyone else!!

apparently so diddlexl :p

Ok, I have to admit, I did sit here clicking and giggling.

Does make you wonder though.

what did you wonder his_rabbit?

What it actually feels like for the other side.

It seems to me that the female orgasm is definitely the way to go, though.

yeah see, i think im glad im female cos at least we get to enjoy it for longer than 10 seconds!

If he does it right anyway lol.
Must admit, we women do seem to get the better deal- long multiple orgasms really do make up for the nastiness we endure :)

Well, they go some way to make up for it anyway!

Like you said, if the guy's doing it right... *ahem*

Though, it would still be interesting to experience it from the other side. I mean, men do seem to be very attached to their little fella's and the coughing fits he can have (well, it's more like a wet sneeze than a cough, I'd say)!

Generally in life women get the raw end of the deal. I mean periods, pregnancy,labour, so mother nature needed something to balance out the scales. So women get the awesome idea of multiple orgasms.

As long as their man is skilled in the ancient arts then he can have her clawing at his back over and over and over again!

Sometimes it makes you want to be a woman. But then you remember "hey i can pee anywhere i want!"

Diddlexl- we're all nice enough to refrain from pointing out the obvious :P

Anyone who was a girl guide can pee anywhere they want too remember. It's practically a right of passage. lol

haha! so glad im a woman!

ha! love that got to show my boyfriend

diddlexl wrote:

I spend far too much time surfing the internet for random crap so i justify it be showing everyone else!!

Finally, a man with whom I can identify

Ha that really is good, thanks for resurrecting the thread.

I like the story of Tiresias (Greek mythology), who got to experience sex as a man and a woman:

Tiresias was drawn into an argument between Hera and her husband Zeus, on the theme of who has more pleasure in sex: the man, as Hera claimed; or, as Zeus claimed, the woman, as Tiresias had experienced both. Tiresias revealed woman's greatest secret: that she receives the greater pleasure: "Of ten parts a man enjoys one only." Hera instantly struck him blind for his impiety. Zeus could do nothing to stop her, but he did give Tiresias the gift of foresight and a lifespan of seven lives.

(Courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiresias)

Makes me glad to be a woman - though I suspect that the story was invented by a man, to stop women moaning about their various grievances with the menfolk.