Exchange a Vip-code?

We already have Adopt a Toy thread, so why not Exchange a Vip code?

What I am offering actually is you give your Vip code to someone a couple of days before it expires, and in exchange they give you the vip code from the new order. So basically, instead of 2 weeks period, you would have time till the next paycheck to make a new order.

This would actually work for me, since otherwise I wouldn't be able to place orders that often.

Any thoughts of my idea?

I personally think that lovehoney are very generous already, birthday discounts, VIP, points, testers, deal of the day, 365 day returns policy. So I would feel like I was ripping off Lovehoney if i traded a VIP code.

I didn't know about the birthday discounts :) .

Yeah, ok. I agree.

I always thought it was linked to the order number too, so couldn't be used by any old person and as it can be used more than once, I think, if it was posted in a thread here could get used a ridiculous amount of times, and the purpose is to encourage repeat custom from you as an individual not just give everyone £10 off.... so like Freebird I'd feel bad too and would feel that maybe it would lead to the eradication of all the good things we get from them.

It feels a bit disingenuous to me.... but that's just my opinion...

You get 10% discount off any orders for two weeks before your birthday as long as the details are in your profile/account

We can't have everyone being VIPs

Haven't been on LH very long. What's a VIP code?

AliMc wrote:

Haven't been on LH very long. What's a VIP code?

When you make an order, sometimes, you'll get given a 6 letter VIP code, which you can put into the page here (along with the relevant order number) -

The VIP code entitles you to £10 off a £50 spend.

oh i was wondering about the birthday codes lol