Hi guys & gals,
I am having a bit of a libido issue! Me and my guy have only been together a few months but i don't have that burning desire to jump on him. y'know, the nipples so hard they hurt and the damp patch in your pants - it just isn't happening and he is good damn fantastic so now i'm worried its just me!!!
I've heard the contraceptive pill can cause this issue but was just wondering if you guys could give me any ideas!

Thanks doll x

hiya, have you ever felt the burning for him cuz if not then it doesn't sound like its gona happen hun, sometimes no matter how good they are they just don't have that spark! if its just recently it could be something to do with the pill..i've just been through a faze like that where my sex drive just plummeted for about 3 weeks. Luckily it's gone back up to its high level again (my boyfriend is very relieved) but i'm considering asking the doc about changing contraception.

ooh pressed enter too soon :D anywho hope everything works out ok or that you find someone else that makes you hot! ;) let us know xx

wow does that flower power lip balm really work? if i does i might have to get my self some x

yep, i seem to be having the same problem too, i feel like its just me, even though my boyfriend is gorgeous and we have an amazing sex life, its just i seem to be not getting horney 4 him. i have an implant in my arm which could be part of the reason. BUT...i found that doing role plays actually turned me on....im not sure if thats a god thing or a bad thing really,but it works haha. xx

i had a bad stint with loss of sex drive when i went onto the implant...talk to your doc or switch contaception
ironically i found forcing myself to masturbate actually brought my drive back on line, he now has to crawl out of the bedroom once i start

My Wife is going through a similar situation, although it seems to be the opposite to other peoples problems. She stopped taking the pill last May to try for a baby, we thought we'd give it a few months before trying, but ever since then Sex has taken a nose dive. She had been on the pill since the age of 17, she is 33 now. While she was on the pill sex was great, she did say that when she first stopped taking it she felt even hornier, but that lasted for about 2 months. Just wondering whether the pill may have total destroyed her labido, or is it the fact we now use condoms which is a little off putting considering we have been together for 15 years.