Exciting new turn on

Long story short. 30+ Married Male. My OH isn’t that interested in anything sexual. So it’s usually just me and my hand. :rofl:

Of late I have been enjoying viewing jack off videos, male/male mutual masturbation. Hell of a rush, as it’s came out of nowhere! :rofl:

No interest in any physical contact with another bloke. Well beyond maybe the penis stroking area. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyone else experienced a similar out of the blue turn on?


I never thought I’d be into anything anal but a year ago when I was 19, I found out that I quite enjoy anal as I bought a butt plug to try as I was wanting to try everything at least once as I was in an exploring stage in my life. I was not expecting to like it and thought “meh it’s probably just going to go to the back of the drawer” but now I have so many anal toys and it turns me on to perform anal on someone else such as pegging.

I started fantasizing about girls and started watching porn. I was like you; I just wanted to watch it but not actually do anything with another girl. As time went on, I started to want to try things physically with another woman so around August of 2020, I started a relationship with another girl who was new to the idea too and I loved every minute of it. That made me realise I was actually bisexual and not straight like I thought I had to be. Maybe this is a sign you are bi? You sound a lot like me when I started doing what you are doing so maybe give it another thought.


I wouldnt worry (not that it sounds like you are :blush:) I have had a few experiences with women but not something I’d want to do again. I think I was just bi curious but still love watching same sex stuff… its hot!


I often go through phases of things that turn me on… a while back it was watching guys playing with big dildos, and now it’s kinda shifting to latex fetish :hear_no_evil:

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Please explain “latex fetish”? :laughing:


Ive had quite a few unexpected ones turn up over time (i post in the monster lovers thread, need i say more). I remember when i first realised i found breasts a massive turn on. Feels like Long time ago now, but it was a real surprise at the time. Definetly come a long way since then.
That “why is this so sexy?” Moment is alot of fun though.


My long term partner is not that interested in sex.
So last year I joined a friend with benefits site, mainly for online saucy chat.
I had two regular fwbs. I enjoyed phone sex with one and webcam mutual masturbation with another.

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Haha well it’s like the idea of seeing a man in a rubber outfit with it all tight in areas as they bend and move about and have another guy undo the zip that’s over their bum and bulge :see_no_evil:

Some videos I’ve seen like this with more happening is way too hot to handle lol


Ah yeah, I bought some rubber briefs for my OH years back, they have a zipper at the rear for anal access. She wore them once for me when she would receive anal but no more. Shes a size 14 and we similar shape so i can fit my peachy bum in them no problem lol. I like the feeling and tightness around thighs too. The rear access is great fun. Yes I like them alot, but have to keep remembering to put them back in her drawer so she doesn’t notice them missing.
I love to wear her boxer briefs too :heart_eyes: very hugging and nice to rub feel my bum and bulge.

Over the past few years I’ve been opening up more to new ideas. Just understanding my own sexuality more and i hope it makes me a better partner and lover. I will say that cum eating/kissing/cleanup has been a big turn on recently, pegging always has been, and getting into restraints too, but the big surprise is bisexual threesomes or orgies. The thought of someone making love to me while I make love to my partner :drooling_face: