Exploring Fetish...

I have always been your typical foreplay and "vanilla sex" kind of girl, but recently have been exploring into anal sex and a bit of bondage - which I am really enjoying and want to explore further.

My partner has an ass fetish and is always talking about exploring anal - however I am unsure on how to advance this further than we already have (toys, intercourse, medical). Has anyone got some advice or recommend something that they enjoy?

I have very little time with my partner due to work commitments, so when we have time together I want to make the most of it. So hit me with a few ideas, im open to anything that will make our sex lives even better ;) Tia x

When you say ass fetish, has he mentioned anything in particular? Rimming is really good :)

Dont know what toys you've used but maybe go a bit bigger ? Rimming as suggested is great......fisting also (depending on how experienced you are). Dp with your partner and a toy ? Spanking ? Glass toys either heated up or straight from the fridge ?

The only limit really is your imagination x

Surprise him next you meet by wearing a butt plug. Whisper in his ear that you are wearing it and wait for his reaction 😉
You say he has an ass fetish,is it just giving or receiving?

There are inflatable butt plugs, anal hooks or butt plugs with tails. You've probably tried them but just some suggestions :)

He can use this in either area on you so he may enjoy using with you?

Or this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13201 so he can look inside you and pour whatever you wish inside you?

First item should have been this link vanished


I have heard amazing things about being spanked with a butt plug in although I am yet to try it yet x