Face recognition test


1.- You'll be shown 12 photos in the first part,

2.- You'll be shown another 12 photos in the second part,

3.- You'll be shown 48 photos in the third part and will be asked if you saw them in the first part, the second part - or never saw them before. When you have finished the third part, your results will be given to you.

Have a go and let us know what scores you get.


sorry here's teh link, hopefully it'll be right this time

i already know i am real bad at recognising people and linking names to faces. seems to be a blind spot for me. makes me seem rude and/or stuck up when i don't say hello..... ok, off to have a go.

Recognition Score: 95% (average 92%)
Temporal Score: 73% (average 68%)

Rawr, slightly above average!

I'm generally great with faces and shite at names, so not totally shocked by those numbers.

Recognition Score: 100% (average 92%)
Temporal Score: 87% (average 68%)

And because I bet you won't believe me, I've uploaded a screenshot to my Facebook.

What does it all mean though?

Recognition Score: 95%

Temporal Score: 82%

Not too shabby!

94 for the recognition, and 70 for the "where" which sounds about right..... "hi, yes- fine thanks. where do i know you from?" i didn't wait the full 5 mins between each set either since i've gotta cook tea in a mo. bet i'd not have got even 70 if i had.

Ok, that was fun


Hehe, only missed a couple on the timings:

100% Recognition
91% Temporal

I tried to take the 5 min breaks between the sets, so i think that helped with the Temporal result.

So glad it didnt try and make me remember names though! I regularly have to ask someone their names about 5 times until it sinks in! It's so embarassing sometimes, they must think i'm a right numpty when i meet them for the first time

I got 100% recognition and 91% temporal. I'm shocking with names but okay with faces. Hubby got 100% and 83%, so I think most people on here see to have got over the average.

There's a few other tests on there as well, one to do with whether you have a male or female brain. It turns out I've got a female brain for the most part (who'd have guessed?) but one test said I have a male/female balanced brain... cant remember which one it was... none of this has improved my memory here's the sex id test


The sheep dash is fun and tests your reactions


97% Recognition
94% Temporal

I am awesome :D

Recognition: 91% (1% below average)

Temporal: 90% (22% above average)

My temporal memory is clearly what makes our relationship work

I didnt do so well. 83% and 55%

I was alright on the one's I'd never seen. There were only 2 or 3 photos I'd seen that I said I never saw, and they were all in part one.

Did everyone here honestly take the 5 minute break in between each round?

100% and 79%. That's with no sleep so I'm happy =]

Recognition: 100%

Temporal: 79%


I got 95 and 82 as well =)

Bloomin exhausted so I'm pleased enough with that.

83% Recognition

85% Temporal

Quite pleased with those results as my insomnia flared up on Saturday night and I haven't been to sleep since!

I did worse than i thought i would! 87% on the recognition 66% on the other bit

75% Recognition

72% Temporal

Gahhhh, my brains bat poop these days, done better than if they had wanted me to remember names though!!! Will get hubby to do it later, knowing him he would ace the blooming thing with his memory (well unless I ask him to do something grrrrr).

link dosen't want to work for me :( but i am terrible at remembering names and facial recognition ( dyslexia/dyspraxia are similar to autisim in that respect) am getting better at it with age.

Recognition score - 87

Temporal memory score - 71

Better than I thought i'd do.