Fancy winning 5,000 Oh! Points?

My first blog has just gone live (whoohoo!) and it's all about saying a big THANK YOU to all you lovely customers who take your time to write us reviews!

To check it out, just visit the Blog page.

Comment on the blog to be in with the chance of winning £25 worth of Oh! Points!

(The comp' ends on Monday so get in there quick!)

Whoop off I pop to check it out . Well done Jess on your 1st blog look forward to seeing many more

Sweeeet. If we won, we still wouldn't be able to use them just yet - waiting bloody ages for all the Bondage Boutique stuff to come back in stock! July now!

Id buy a secret stash of items for my birthday >< this saturday.

Great prize, thanks Jess and LH!

theMightyBum wrote:

What on Earth would I do with them all if I won them?!

i still think you should introduce a scheme where you can donate them to other users :)

save them towards your £700 doll !!!!!!

Thanks everyone!

Good luck with the competition!!

Well done Jess, and great prize too. I'm sure I could spend more OH points if I had them, what girl doesn't like shopping!!

What an amazing prize and congrats on your first blog!!! ^^

Grats on first blog Jess!!

Wow, great offer, it was impossible not to leave a little comment! Great blog Jess, congratulations!

Checked and commented!

I imagine your blog post is going to receive a record number of comments! :P

I'd have no problems spending those points


Thanks everyone, your support means a lot! ^_^


Great blog Jess, congrats x And a great offer to, left a little comment :)