Fantasising about sex with a hot ladyboy.

Do any of you guys who are into pegging with your OH ever fantasise about her being a hot ladyboy? Recently I've been having really nice fantasies and watching a lot of shemale porn. This has only really started after my OH admitted that using a strap on was a major turn on for her too. Before this I was convinced she did it only to please me. Now I'm wondering if it's a common fantasy amongst us pegged guys.

The thought did cross my mind when I was being taken and grabbing some boob :)


Spot on mate, one off my deep dark fantasies also! Love watching shemale porn! Especially shemale on shemale!

Nope but not sure about pegging either

I'm not a guy, but this is one of my big fantasies :)

I get pegged and I sometimes watch shemale porn. I guess your OH with a strapon is basically the same as a shemale. They're both chicks with dicks!

Until reading this post , I've never before considered this or watched shemale porn but having done a quick search . . . . . . . There are some super hot babes with dicks around that as a fantasy thought, would love to have a threesome with!

My OH with a strap onus similar but there is no cumshot

Marriedscot wrote:

My OH with a strap onus similar but there is no cumshot

There are dildos out there that ejaculate, like this one:

So you could try using one of those bad boys in a harness to get that cumshot element.

I've not been pegged (yet! But would love to try), but I have fantasised about being with a tgirl. There was one on POF I was very tempted to message, but it turns out she may have been a callgirl anyway.

As a woman, I'd like to peg someone, the idea really turns me on and I also get quite turned on watching guy on guy porn and have fantasies quite a lot for a mmf/Dom situation but I dont think it would do anything for me if it was a shemale and another guy. Dont get me wrong if I am in a particular mood I have watched and have a favourite porno but if it was infront of me not so much.

Yes, I am of the opinion that the female body is a work of art in most forms. I love getting pegged and to me (who is ultimately disgusted by the thought of the male body) a transgender male is pretty close to a woman with a strap on. However, I am particularly into pegging because of the fact that it is my wife. A lot to be said for my wife with a strap on being part of the arousal and pleasure I get from it. Not saying that I am not turned on by a beautiful woman donning a cock in general. LOL

I would love to have a threesome with a couple of big dicked babes

Gayguy44 wrote:

I would love to have a threesome with a couple of big dicked babes

Heck yea!

Would love to kiss a ladyboy whilst we gave mutual attention to a female. But not sure about playing with their bits. It is possible I would let them fondle mine a little (only for a little while!) if they so desired.

Nah it’s not for me. While I love a good pegging I like to know it’s the Mrs with a strap on shemales not my thing