fantasy combining medical and anal

My two ultimate fantacies combined in one. Any ideas about what I could do? Have you done anything like this before and if yes, what? I am open to any reccomendations, no matter what. Not sure about enemas though; they are a bit messy. Oh, and before I forget, I am into hardcore kinky sex and S&M.

To keep the ideas running I provide a short list of my toys: several buttplugs from medium to xxl, an inflatable buttplug (it gets really large when inflated), a long flexible plastic pipe, a speculum, surgical gloves. Oh, and a couple of fists from a willing partner.

Oh, I forgot to mention: This post is about receiving medical and anal. Not giving it... I am the patient. Now, you may call me weird but several of my exes were infact medical doctors in real life...

I must admit I love enemas and it would be amazing to meet a lady with similar interests. The process does not have to be messy! Take care now

I have had enemas done I found them very erotic and ur right Thursday child it doesnt need to be messy!

Just general medfet play incorporates anal play. Your standard gyno visit does. The doc inserts a finger into both the vagina and anal passage to feel the wall between them. Get yourself some latex gloves, a COLD stethoscope (look on my profile page for a link to an awesome medical supply store. You can get a REAL steth for as little as £3). Instead of an enema, try douching. You can get one from LH or use a large syringe. Also available on said site.

Apart from this, the rest is down to you and the storyline.

Try figging

Try different temperatures - also an anal probe