Fantasy persona

I've noticed that the version of me that turns up in my fantasies is very different from my normal self. I imagine myself as physically unchanged, but behaving in ways that I wouldn't associate with myself in normal life. What's your fantasy persona?

In my fantasies, I feel confident, powerful and in control. I dress stylishly and my posture is upright and robust. I speak quietly but clearly and with conviction -- I can always find the right words and tone of voice to express myself. A twinkle in my eye betrays my playful side and a very mischievous sense of humour. It's evident that I can be firm and uncompromising (even wicked!) when necessary but that I'm also kind-hearted, caring and considerate. Overall, my presence is commanding but reassuring.

I know that I possess some of these qualities, but they often stay trapped inside me. I wish I could show them more in real life! I'd even settle for being able to bring them out in fantasy roleplay, but that's something which I find very difficult. Am I alone in this? Any ideas?

no, im quite the same in mine, im very confident and well expressed, but in real life im quite shy x

this is why they say: 'it's always the quiet ones', and don't worry you will both find someone soon :)

I think i always imagine myself as being extremely sexy and more of a vixen

(my OH always says im extremely sexy but i just dont think I can see it myself)

I'm the same in fantasies as I am in person. Quiet, shy and a bit of a humiliation whore. It is the way I am, unless you get to know me and I trust you, then I end up becoming rather loud and won't filter what I'm saying, but that can become a bit of a front at the end of the day.

I think I go through the same thing.

Part of the problem, as I see it, is the doubt and uncertainty that comes with a "real" situation - there are real people there, all of whom have opinions and thoughts, and what if they're not on the same page as you? We're all taught to have consideration for others' opinions and desires, right? So we hesitate, modify, qualify, backtrack; fail to assert ourselves just in case we're overriding someone else's unexpressed wishes.

In fantasy, we don''t need to worry about that, and so we can say or do exactly as we'd like, and have the other characters in our fantasy react in exactly the way we'd hoped they would. The fear of failure, or, worse, social faux-pas, is removed, and we can be fearlessly self-confident. The irony is that self-confidence is so sexy in real life, while simultaneously being so hard to acheive.

My persona generally remains the same - easy going like a good laugh - try not to take life too seriously

I'm not big on fantasy personas... If i feel i'd like to be a certain way, I tend to try it. Much more fun than dreaming about it. And if it doesn't work out... as Shiney said... try not to take it too seriously, shrug it off lol.

I can't say i've noticed a difference between me and my fantasy self. Although my fantasy self does things i could never do in real life for obvious reasons.

The thing with fantasy is you can be and do anything you want. If you are the same way in real life then where does that leave the fantasy? Fantasies are great, act them out sometimes if you can but you run the risk of normality if you allow them to become real too often. Use the fantasy for sex brain and/or masturbatory stimulation or with a loved one/buddy but make some personal time as well x

No disabilities.