Faulty Tango Switch

Hey all, quick question for anyone with a We Vibe Tango, I bought my wife on as a little mid week present and I charged it up today in my office and tested it and it all worked great... Came home this evening and she's delighted and was flicking thru the various modes and then we noticed the button really needed to be pressed, nearly pushed in with your nail.... Is this normal or a faulty switch?

Any problems contact LH for a return http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/returns-policy/

Just wondering if this is normal or if the switch is faulty, it switches on and off, just it's difficult.

Hmmm. The button is almost flush to the surface and I notice I have to press it reasonably harder than other bullets, where the button sticks out.. (With both. I have two) The button on the Tango is not "as easy" to press as a lot of other bullets. I dunno if yours is faulty or normal though, as without comparing them, its hard to tell. Sorry xx

Just checked mine. I can turn it on and off easily with my finger, don't need to really push it in. Sounds like it's faulty.

I can also operate both of mine by just pushing with the pad of my finger. Nails not required. x

Ok guys, thanks for feedback, I'll have another look at it, I'd hate to send something back that's not faulty. X