Favourite Time

Just wondering what time day or night people like getting their dirty on and why? Convenience, best time, etc?

for me its the afternoon, I seem to have more energy and always seem to enjoy it alot more, the problem with that is we have kids and its not always possible, to its normally early early morning when they are asleep or late on a night, both are ok.

You didn't tell us what you preferred, I think you should since you asked the question ;)

I'm always horny between 5 and 7am, which is pretty inconvenient for my other half as he's pretty nocturnal and really only just sleeping properly by then. I tend to think it's because I tire very quickly during the day, and generally have my best health and energy then.

I've always loved it in the early evening, just as you both come home from work. I think it's best time since it can be spontaneous, so if you're stood at the kitchen counter and they come up behind you and kiss your neck - perfect! <3

Gem Xx

I Like it in the am as well as in mthe pm. but i usally get it in the am.

i prefer it pm but then again i enjoy it anytime

I think I'd have to go with afternoon onwards. I am not much of a morning person at all!

I enjoy it at anytime , but I seem to enjoy it more in the early hours of the morning ( 2am ish )

I love it morning noon and night hehe, i prefer pm though x

All the time really! But if I had to choose, I'd say morning. I'm always horny when I wake up!