Feet Treat

My boyfriend who has a foot fetish. He loves me wearing black tights and loves to pleasure himself over the bottom of my feet.

I would like to satisfy him by performing a footjob for him whilst wearing them but not sure what is the best position to give one - anyone got any suggestions !!


Hi ladysc welcome to the forums

Have tried a couple of positions but the one that works for us is him on his back and me on my side next to him, so I can curl up and get my feet above and below his cock. That way I can keep one still and move the other, alternating when my leg starts to ache. It also means I can move my lower foot to put pressure on his balls as well. Oh but its not good for your tights! Cheap ones dont last long in this house but you can always use them as a restraint for the next footjob.



hi and welcome to the forum!

my hubby is a legs man and loves to see me in black opaque stockings sorry i carn,t help with the footjob i,m sure plenty of people on here will help you.

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I've never done this however, I'm thinking logically here... How about he lays on the floor and you sit on the edge of the bed?? That way, you don't have to hold your legs above your hips like if you were laid down side by side - which I'm sure could be very taxing on the thighs. Instead, move as close or far from the edge of the bed until your legs are the right height. So if you're very tall, your bum would be further onto the bed making it less work for you. I'm guessing that he could get a good view of your tits and stocking clad legs from there also. Win Win situation I'd say...

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as a guy i'd say opposite. Women on back on floor and giving foot job to the guy. He can then see everything and climax onto the OH

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Given it a go, was a success, he loved the feel of how soft and silky the tights were against his cock, found it very sexy too when his come shot against my foot, to the point where I licked it all off to give him an extra frill !!

Now wants me to feed a foot of my tights over his cock and pleasure him that way, sounds good - wants me to have worn them all day though first - kinky !!



Glad it went well ladysc

dan559 wrote:

as a guy i'd say opposite. Women on back on floor and giving foot job to the guy. He can then see everything and climax onto the OH

Defintiely this!

Glad you gave it a go, ladysc. Good effort on licking it off, too- wish my OH did that.

Mission complete now on wanking him having worn my black tight all day yesterday - top tip though, take off for an hour b4, makes the tights go a little bit harder and causes a bit of nice friction against his bell end !!

Wasn't long before the foot was full of come having pumped his cock, only recently came to light about this black tight fetish but I like it!!

Good thing about coming into tights is no come wasted so if you are like me and can't get enough of the stuff if you take it off his cock slowly it's easy to lick it all off !!



A great footjob position is also when a woman is sat on a chair and the man is laid on the floor ; for a number of reasons

1) she has a birds eye view (pardon the pun !!) and can rub all his cock and balls

2) Her legs wont get as tired and she can see exactly what he likes

3) She can watch his spunk shoot up her legs and feet !

Ladies do not underestimate the power of your feet!!

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I have to agree with jimi duro sat on a chair while fella is on the floor is a great possition comfortable and easy to sustain plus I love to watch so huge plus for that too xxx enjoy xxx

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Wow sounds amazing

Closing as old topic

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