Fetish clothing

Me and my OH are looking at going to a local fetish night called twisted, that happens monthly,

I've never really been to one before Could anyone recomend anything for me to wear?

Corsets and stockings seem to be standard uniform for the women but im really stuggling to put an outfit together as my usual jeans and a t-shirt just isnt going to get me through the door.


Why don't you try stockings then?!

I know some blokes who wear latex or PVC shorts. If that's not you how about jeans (tightish) and no t-shirt? Or maybe a hot suit that you can take off? If it's a fetish night expect a lot of latex etc so you may feel odd not wearing that! But a hot suit will get you far. And you can always dress up more the next time you go.

Actually although a like a bloke in jeans alone that's stupid coz it'll be against the dress code. Dress smart then!

If you are going as a bottom, then you can get some cheap tight-fitting trousers from Primark or somewhere, and cut back-pocket sized holes in the arse. Or you can wear a schoolboy outfit, or the standard leather trousers and chest harness. I often dress my partner as a smart waiter or Maître d', and he always looks hot. Plus, the pockets in the apron come in useful. :) Here are some pictures of that:



You don't have to customise the trousers as I have, that took ages. Black jeans from Primark, with some black satin ribbon stitched down the outside seams, plus the cutting out and everything. I'm sure plain black trousers would do.

If you're going as a top, then you can dress as a schoolmaster, or uniformed person like policeman, or military, and so on.

Most of those outfits are pretty inexpensive to assemble in charity and second-hand shops.

Good luck. :)

Could you go in an outrageous- yep subjective l admit- outfit under a Harold Wilson type Mac, you can whip the ankle length mac off at the door and startle all with backless pvc thong/pants and matching upper, mankini or whatever. Think the tache and black flat cap might be optional, sussy and stockings optional???


Hi all, thanks for the replies, I'll have to let you know what i end up wearing, the next ones not for a couple of weeks so at least I have a bit of time to find something.

Thats a great outfit Lubyanka, Dont think mine will be as good as that, but we will have to wait and see.

Thank you fenderdave, I hope you post pictures someplace so we can see the results! :)