Fetish Expo Outfit Ideas

Looking at attending a fetish expo later in the year, but I’m completely stumped in regards to what I’d wear!

Any recommendations are welcome, I’ve not been to one before, but obviously it’ll need to not be overly revealing (rather not be filling up my car half-naked :joy:)
I have some upper-body shots in the lingerie pics, but eventually there’ll be some full-body shots, so for context, I’m an hourglass figure (hips and bust are about the same measurements, waist much smaller).

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! (Might have to put some outfits together and throw them on the picture thread for feedback :wink:

Also curious as to whether I’ll see Lovehoney there as an exhibitor, wonder if they have any plans to be at an international expo this year? :thinking:


Hi @RacyRosalee

I was thinking of this for my wife for something similar. You’d need a jacket!

Hope you have fun! :grinning:


This is cute! However, just by looking at the section between the underbust and hips, it’s not going to fit my proportions properly :sob:

I do have a bodysuit that has the upper portion completely made of mesh (I’ll have to upload a photo sometime next week) that would give a similar vibe (can’t link bc competitor), but I’m not sure how uncovered I want my bottom half to be

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A steel boned corset will look amazing on you. Add on the rest to suit. I have several and they are really comfortable to wear.

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I do own a steel boned pvc corset… :smiling_imp:
It ends at about waist height, so it would work pretty well, would just need to work out the rest of the outfit from that, but I’ll still keep my options open. Thank you for the suggestion! :kissing_heart: