Fifty shades egg question.

I have got this item.

It says in the instructions you can't charge the remote and the egg at the same time. But there two leads on the charging wire. So if you can't charge them together why is there two leads. What do other people do who own this do when charging?

I charge both parts simultaneously, and I've never had a problem

The first time i charged them both together with no problem. The second time i did the same but only the egg charged.

Havent bothered with it since as it was a bit of a let down!

Hey bondagegod

Our Trade team have confirmed that you can charge both items simultaneously - Sorry for the confusing leaflet!

I've flagged it up with our Product Development team so we'll get it updated at the next leaflet print. 

Thanks for letting us know!

Hi Jess.
Thank you for finding out and letting me know.

jM88 we was impressed with the egg. Will use a few more times yet before making our minds up but it seems to be better than the Tracey coz one we tried.